With a custom integration available through Octane AI's Enterprise plans, you can add Octane AI features on a non-Shopify store.

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1. Using a Quiz on a Non-Shopify Website

1.1. Adding a Quiz to the Website

2. Adding Product Recommendations to a Non-Shopify Quiz

1. Using a Quiz on a Non-Shopify Website

You can integrate Octane AI with a non-Shopify store through a custom integration, which is available through our Enterprise plans.

While you can embed a Shop Quiz on a non-Shopify website, there are some differences from embedding a quiz on a Shopify store.

Most importantly, revenue attribution is not available for non-Shopify quiz embeds. Additionally, you also won't be able to:

  • Add product entries directly from your store catalogue.

  • Use pop-ups.

However you will still be able to:

  • Direct customers to product recommendations.

  • Collect marketing consent and data.

  • Sync your emails into Klaviyo.

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1.1. Adding a Quiz to the Website

Adding the quiz to a non-Shopify website follows very similar steps to embedding a quiz into a Shopify webpage.

  1. From the Shop Quiz page, click on the quiz you want to embed.

  2. Find the Embed Code section.

  3. Click "Get the code".

  4. Choose Full Page or Page Body and copy the code that's generated.

  5. Add the code into the body of the HTML/CSS for your website.

Once you embed the code into a webpage, any changes you make to the quiz in Octane AI will be reflected in the embedded version in real time.

You'll only have to re-embed the quiz if you change any of the options that generate your embed code.

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2. Adding Product Recommendations to a Non-Shopify Quiz

When using a Shop Quiz on a non-Shopify store, product recommendations cannot be added directly to the quiz.

Instead, you'll need to build product entries manually that redirect customers to product pages, where they can then make a purchase. To set this up, follow these steps:

1. Inside of a results page, create a content block.

2. Expand the "TOP CONTENT" tab.

3. Click on "Add content".

4. Select the "Button" option.

5. In the button's settings, add a URL to the product page you'd like the button to redirect to.

You can also add text and media content to complete the manual product entry in your results pages.

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