Before you can start using Octane AI's Facebook Messenger features, you'll need to connect your Facebook page to Octane AI. You can also connect your ad account, but this will only be necessary if you'd like to use Facebook Messaging ads with Octane AI or connect your Facebook Pixel.

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1. Facebook Ad Account

1.1. If Your Facebook Page / Ad Account Isn't Listed

1. Facebook Ad Account

Connecting your Facebook ad account will allow you to connect a Meta pixel to a quiz, which enables tracking quiz start and completed events in Facebook Events Manager.

This can be done simply by heading to the Settings tab in the quiz editor:

After connecting an ad account, you'll be able to select a Meta pixel to track the quiz with as well.

1.1. If Your Facebook Page / Ad Account Isn't Listed

There are a few common causes if your Page or ad account isn't a listed option, or otherwise can't be selected.

If you feel these causes don't apply to you, our support team is happy to help.

Facebook ad account

  1. Custom Audience Terms haven't been accepted.

  2. The ad account isn't connected to a Business Manager account.

  3. Your Facebook profile doesn't have permission to connect the ad account with third party apps.

You can check if you've accepted Facebook's Custom Audience Terms here. Octane AI will also indicate if these terms need to be accepted.

If you don't have a Business Manager account, you'll need to create one first before you can connect your ad account with third party apps.

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