Before you can start using Octane AI's SMS features, you'll need to enable your store's dedicated phone number which is provided at no cost. Your default number is provided as a unique long-code, but options with higher send rates are available as well.

Once your phone number is activated, you'll be able to start sending SMS Flows and Campaigns.

Table of Contents

1. Activating Your Dedicated Phone Number

1.1. Importing SMS Followers

2. SMS Pricing

1. Activating Your Dedicated Phone Number

After you activate your account's dedicated phone number, you'll be able to start using Octane AI's SMS features right away.

1. Go to the Settings page in Octane AI.

2. Locate the SMS section underneath the Facebook Page settings.

3. Click "Set up SMS" and confirm once you've read the policy agreement.

After confirming, you'll receive your own dedicated number after a few moments.

4. Enable double opt-in for SMS.

Once your number has been enabled, you'll have the option to enable double opt-ins for SMS as well. We strongly recommend turning this on to make sure you can build a strong SMS list.

Pairing this with compliant opt-in practices will help avoid any potential issues with carriers.

1.1. Importing SMS Followers

You can import SMS followers by going to:

Customers ➡ SMS subscribers

Then, click the Import button once you enter the list.

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2. SMS Pricing

SMS pricing in Octane AI depends on the type of number that you have:


Price / SMS message

Long code number


Toll-free number


High-throughput Toll-free




Your account will start with a long code number by default, but will be upgraded to a toll-free number at no extra cost if you send 2,000 or more SMS messages within a month.

If you're interested in a HTTF or Shortcode number, reach out to our support team for more information.

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Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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