Octane AI features a number of robust integrations that let you sync the zero-party data you collect in Octane AI with other platforms

Adding any relevant integrations as soon as possible makes sure that you don't leave out any data or opt-ins you collect later. Use this guide to quickly integrate key apps like Klaviyo, Recharge and more!

Table of Contents

1. Connecting Octane AI with Klaviyo

2. Connecting Octane AI with Recharge

1. Connecting Octane AI with Klaviyo

In order to connect your Octane AI account with Klaviyo, you'll need your Klaviyo private API key and a specific Klaviyo list in mind that you'd like to connect with.

  1. Go to the Integrations page in Octane AI.

  2. Locate the Klaviyo tab and click "Add".

  3. Enter your Klaviyo Private API Key.

  4. Select a list to sync contacts and data into.

Once Klaviyo is marked as "enabled" on the Integrations page, setup is complete allowing you to sync email opt-ins and a variety of custom properties that represent the zero-party data collected through your Octane AI features.

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2. Connecting Octane AI with Recharge

Connecting Recharge with Octane AI allows you to:

  • Offer subscription products in your quizzes and Conversational Pop-ups.

  • Insert subscription products in Facebook Messenger flows like Cart Abandonment Messages.

  • Prevent revenue attribution conflicts for stores that have Recharge installed.

Even if you aren't planning to offer Recharge subscription products through Octane AI immediately, we strongly recommend setting up the integration to make sure Octane AI and Recharge don't run into any conflicts.

  1. Start by heading over to the Integrations page in Octane AI.

  2. Locate the Recharge ta and click "Add".

  3. Confirm that you would like to add Recharge.

  4. Once redirected out of Octane AI, click "Connect".

You'll be redirected back to Octane AI which will indicate that the integration is enabled if Recharge was connected successfully.

After this, your Recharge subscription products should be automatically recognized when added in the Shop Quiz editor.

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