Welcome to Octane AI! You're taking a big step into the world of zero-party data marketing, made possible with Octane AI's powerful toolbox. Personalizing your relationship with your customers is undeniably effective, but maximized when you're able to do so using data that your customers have given directly to you with full consent.

Octane AI provides the means to ask your customers questions about their preferences, targeting high-converting places on your website, and use the information you gather to personalize the flows and campaigns you send them. This Getting Started series will teach you how to hit the ground running by getting the set up out of the way.

Table of Contents

1. What You'll Learn in the Getting Started Series

2. What is Zero-Party Data?

3. Setting Up Octane AI

1. What You'll Learn in the Getting Started Series

This Getting Started series will take you through each of Octane AI's major features. By the time you're done, you'll know how to:

  • Connect with Octane AI's integrations

  • Create a product recommendation quiz

  • Create a Conversational Pop-up

  • Collect opt-ins

  • Set up automated Flows

We'll make sure you know which features you can use to start getting direct value from Octane AI, best practices on using features as well as collecting opt-ins and finally, where you can go next after this series.

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2. What is Zero-Party Data?

To understand the most powerful ways to leverage Octane AI's features, you'll need to know what zero-party data marketing is and why it's one of the strongest tools in your store's arsenal.

Zero-party data is data you collect with consent directly from your customers. Instead of data that's gathered indirectly, like through tracking pixels that run in the background of your website, zero-party data is handed over to you by visitors to your store themselves.

This lets you learn more about your customers' preferences, behavior and personalities and create a personalized experience - instead of treating everyone the same, you'll be able to treat each person as an individual with your marketing.

How does Octane AI collect zero-party data?

Not only are you able to collect opt-ins for your major marketing channels - email, SMS & Facebook Messenger - Octane AI lets you ask your customers questions directly so that each opt-in you collect comes with context for who that customer actually is.

You can embed a product recommendation quiz into a page on your website to guide customers to the right product, while adding a re-marketing question or two in there. Or maybe you'd like to use a Conversational Pop-up to set up personalized email flows.

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3. Setting Up Octane AI

Once Octane AI is installed on your Shopify store, there are still a couple of parts to set up before you're finished.

These steps are optional but we highly recommend doing them if you're planning to use relevant parts of Octane AI.

Facebook Page & Facebook Ad Account

In order to use Octane AI's Facebook Messenger & Ads features, you'll need to connect your Facebook accounts first. This will also enable you to collect subscribers for your Facebook page and build up your audience.

You won't have to turn on Octane AI's Facebook Messenger bot right away, so it's safe to connect even if you haven't built out your Messenger features yet.

Enabling SMS

Before you can start using Octane AI's SMS features, you'll need to activate your account's dedicated phone number.

Your account starts with a long-code number, but there are options available with higher send rates.

Klaviyo & Recharge

If you're planning on using Octane AI's Klaviyo or Recharge integrations, we strongly recommend getting these integrations set up as soon as possible.

This will ensure your Recharge products are correctly added to your Octane AI features, and that any data you collect is synced into Klaviyo without issue.

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Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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