Some quizzes created on an older version of Octane AI will have results pages on an older version of the quiz builder.

Upgrading these outdated results pages will make sure the quiz continues to receive upcoming improvements and new features.

Table of Contents

1. The Difference Between Versions

2. How to Upgrade a Results Page

1. The Difference Between Versions

Version 2 (or v2) results pages includes more capabilities than a version 1 (or v1) results page and more importantly, only v2 results pages will continue receiving new features and improvements, such as:

  • Editing product data

  • Adding products by tag

  • and more!

You'll be able to tell when a results page is on v1 if the results page has a prompt with a yellow background asking you to upgrade the page to the new version.

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2. How to Upgrade a Results Page

To upgrade a results page, click Apply new style while looking at a results page that's in v1.

This will update the results page and until you save, you'll be able to revert it back if you choose.

Each v1 results page will need to be individually updated. This process is a great time to watch each results page you update so that you can manually adjust any design issues that may arise.

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