On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will be removing support for Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features.

Facebook Messenger opt-ins can still be collected and we will still support Meta Pixel events in the quiz, but any Facebook flows, one-time notifications, or ads / sponsored messages will be unavailable after this date. Before this date, you'll have the opportunity to move your Facebook Messenger features to another platform such as ManyChat.

Table of Contents

1. Migration Quick-steps

1.1. Migrating Subscribers to ManyChat

2. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Migration Quick-steps

Use this as a general guide on how to get started with your ManyChat migration. If you have questions that aren't covered here, reach out to our support team at [email protected] or with the chat icon. We'll be happy to help!

1. While still connected to Octane AI, create a ManyChat account.

2. Connect your Facebook Page and then disconnect your Page in ManyChat's Settings > Messenger area.

This will let you begin setting up Facebook related flows and automations without sending any messages yet, so you won't send duplicate messages to your customers.

Disconnecting your Facebook Page in ManyChat Settings.

3. Start setting up the features that you'll want to use in ManyChat.

Begin moving your flows and Messenger automations over to ManyChat while your Octane AI bot is still active to avoid interruption. Below is a list of features that can be used as a reference for where to start (links are to guides in ManyChat):


Welcome Message

A welcome message is for more than just vibe - it helps people know they're opted in.

Main Menu

The main menu is like the home base for your chatbot. Add useful, general links like your store's quiz page for organic traffic.

Abandoned Cart Campaign

Send abandoned cart messages to people who visit your website and boost revenue.


Click here to learn about migrating Keywords.

Create chatbot flows similar to Octane AI's smart responses. Keywords can be a great way to answer low level questions and educate customers.

(Optional) Recurring Messages

Like one-time notifications, this gives highly engaged customers a way to sign up for updates.

(Optional) Facebook Ads

Set up your Facebook Ads account in ManyChat.

4. (Optional) Send a final message in Octane AI.

Sending a final message will help migrate recent opt-ins to ManyChat - customers that respond will be able to become contacts in ManyChat as well.

You can also adjust your messaging in your Octane AI flows to include a Messenger Ref URL from ManyChat. For example, below, a Messenger Ref URL from ManyChat has been added as a button underneath the standard abandoned cart message.

Setting up an Octane AI Flow to link to ManyChat's Messenger Ref URL.

This will re-open Messenger in a new tab, but it will also transfer the subscriber into ManyChat.

5. Unpublish your Facebook Page from Octane AI and connect your bot to ManyChat.

Go to your Settings and click Unpublish to unpublish your Facebook Page from Octane AI.

Unpublishing your Facebook Page in Octane AI settings.

⚠️ Please do not disconnect your Facebook Page from Octane AI. Doing so will prevent you from using features like Meta Pixel events and Messenger opt-ins.

Then, immediately reconnect your Facebook Page to ManyChat in the Settings > Messenger area.

Reconnecting your Facebook Page in ManyChat Settings.

This will stop Octane AI from sending any messages and let you start sending messages from ManyChat, so you won't have any service interruptions or duplicated messages.

6. Retrieve any final data that you might want from Octane AI,

Export any data you want from Octane AI before September 27, 2022. For details on what data you can export, check out the frequently asked questions below.

1.1. Migrating Subscribers to ManyChat

Subscribers can't be imported directly into ManyChat, but you can use Facebook ads to move subscribers between platforms.

For more in-depth instructions, check out this guide.

Using Facebook ads to move subscribers from Octane AI to Manychat

1. Create a new list in Octane AI targeting Messenger subscribers and enable "Create Facebook custom audience" (this may take some time to populate).

2. Go to Facebook ads manager and create a new ad set.

3. Attach the custom audience you created to the ad set.

4. From ManyChat, go to the Ads page.

5. Create a new ad targeting the ad set containing the audience.

This allows you to send a targeted ad to your whole subscriber base, and anyone that responds in Messenger will be added as a subscriber in Manychat as well.

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2. Frequently Asked Questions

What data can I export?

  1. PSIDs and other subscriber data from the Customers > Messenger subscribers list. However, please be aware that ManyChat does not support importing contacts.

  2. Any other Customers lists with Messenger subscriber information that you might need.

  3. Smart Responses keywords and replies.

Can I export convos?

Exporting convos is not possible. The best way to get Convo data out of Octane AI is to manually view the convo and replicate it in ManyChat flows, like a conversation starter flow.

Can I import subscribers into ManyChat?

Currently, importing PSIDs into ManyChat isn't possible.

Given the 24-hour rule for Facebook opt-ins, the best way to migrate current subscribers is to send a final message from Octane AI with a Messenger Ref URL from a ManyChat flow, so that anyone who interacts with that message will be opted in in ManyChat.

Can I send quiz data to ManyChat?

With Zapier, you can send quiz data when someone opts in through your quiz, as long as they're already an existing contact in ManyChat. Currently, contacts [subscribers] cannot be created in ManyChat through Zapier.

How do I export my analytics?

Upon request, Octane AI's support team can give certain analytics in CSV format, such as revenue data. However, a complete export of all analytics is not currently available.

Is there currently a ManyChat integration?

Octane AI does not directly integrate with ManyChat at this time, but we are committed to working with ManyChat to support merchants who are migrating from our chat marketing services to theirs! If you have an idea for how we could grow our product to better serve you after this migration, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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Have any questions? Send an email to [email protected] or use the support icon to chat with our team.

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