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How to Use Your Pre-Launch Quiz Checklist
How to Use Your Pre-Launch Quiz Checklist
How to use your pre-launch checklist to strategize your quiz build.
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The pre-launch checklist below is a good general guideline for getting a quiz launched.

Not all of the items in this checklist are mandatory, but if you're unsure of where to start with your quiz planning, this works as a great baseline.

Use this guide as a reference to learn about each checklist item.

Checklist item

Learn more

Adding a working discount code

Preview quiz on mobile and desktop

Test quiz logic

Use the preview feature to periodically test your quiz as you build the logic.

Embed the quiz on your site

Test ATC buttons

You can even try placing a test order through the embedded quiz to test analytics.

Pop-ups are excluded from the page where the quiz lives

Octane AI pop-ups can customize targeting behavior.

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