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How to Use Your Pre-launch Klaviyo Checklist
How to Use Your Pre-launch Klaviyo Checklist
Using your pre-launch Klaviyo checklist to prepare your Klaviyo integration for launch.
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This Klaviyo pre-launch checklist will help set the groundwork for Klaviyo opt-ins and quiz data to flow into your Klaviyo account.

This will allow you to:

  • Segment customers on quiz data

  • Send automated flows on quiz completion

  • Send result page URLs through email

This article will be a quick reference on how to follow this checklist.

Connect Octane to Klaviyo

Disable double opt-in from the connected list

Create a segment with the Quiz Completed Event to trigger post-quiz emails (use custom properties for non-Plus users)

Review custom properties pulling from the quiz to Klaviyo

Review the custom event name for your quiz

In the quiz editor, go to:

Settings > Klaviyo

Create a post-quiz flow

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