This Klaviyo pre-launch checklist will help set the groundwork for Klaviyo opt-ins and quiz data to flow into your Klaviyo account.

This will allow you to:

  • Segment customers on quiz data

  • Send automated flows on quiz completion

  • Send result page URLs through email

This article will be a quick reference on how to follow this checklist.

Connect Octane to Klaviyo

Getting Started with Klaviyo

Disable double opt-in from the connected list

Troubleshooting Octane AI's Klaviyo Integration

Create a segment with the Quiz Completed Event to trigger post-quiz emails (use custom properties for non-Plus users)

Guide to Segmenting Customers in Klaviyo with Octane AI Data

Review custom properties pulling from the quiz to Klaviyo

Introduction to Custom Properties

Review the custom event name for your quiz

In the quiz editor, go to:

Settings > Klaviyo

Create a post-quiz flow

Guide to Triggering an Email Flow in Klaviyo with Quiz Results

What's next?

Check out our guide on key questions if you're building a dynamic quiz, or rules for a custom quiz.

Use the pre-launch quiz checklist for an example of prepping an Octane AI quiz.

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