“Abandonment” is the ecommerce term used when a visitor leaves a webpage before completing a desired action. This includes “shopping cart abandonment,” which is when a visitor adds an item to their online shopping cart but exits without completing the purchase.

According to statistics, around 75% of online shopping customers abandon their carts before making a purchase, and 70% of those customers do not provide an email address.

This means that shop owners can't send an email to remind shoppers of the items in their abandoned cart.

Octane AI came up with a perfect solution – by using Facebook Messenger rather than email to send abandoned cart notifications, ecommerce store owners have seen reach higher than 90% and open rates beyond 80%.

Can I use this for my online store?

We currently offer integration with Shopify stores. If you’re a Shopify store owner, you can definitely start using it right now!

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If you’re not a Shopify customer, please stay tuned! We are adding integration for other ecommerce platforms soon.

How does a customer opt-in?

After you Install the Octane AI application and connect it to Facebook, you need to setup a way for customers to opt-in to Messenger messages. Learn which one is right for you. 

How does it work?

After a customer abandons their cart, they will receive an abandoned cart message in Messenger. The default timing is sixty minutes but it's customizable. 

If the customer chooses "Remind me tomorrow,” we’ll send the second reminder 24 hours later – otherwise, they will not receive the second reminder message. Unless the Second reminder is on by default:

In which case second reminder will always be sent except in the case if user unfollow and turn off notifications.

How my customers can buy product from this message?

When the customer clicks “Checkout,” they will be redirected to the store checkout page.

After the purchase is complete, we continue the conversation in Messenger by sending the receipt and shipping notifications to the customer.

Learn more about how to manage Receipt and Shipping Notifications.

How do I customize abandoned cart messages?

In order to customize abandoned carts message you need to follow these few easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the abandoned carts feature under Dashboard - Revenue.

2. Click on the Edit icon for reminder you wish to edit

3. In order to select when users should receive their Abandoned carts reminder select one of the options from the dropdown.

*Note: timing can be edited only for the first reminder, the second reminder always go by default after 24 hours, if the user opt in for the second reminder or if the Second reminder is on by default.

4. In order to change the abandoned cart message, click on "Customize the message option" and edit message bellow.

How do I add a discount code?

Discount code is optional and you can add it by creating discount code on Shopify and add code and offer in First and/or Second reminder. In our experience adding a discount code increases conversions. 

Are these customers following my bot?

If they opted-in from the discount pop-up then they are already following your bot. If they opted in from the checkbox then when they first get an abandoned cart message, Facebook preserves their privacy until they engage with the bot and opt-in to follow the bot.
Learn more about Marketing Opt-in.

What happens after they purchase?

They will get a receipt and shipping notification if you have them turned on. Learn how to set them up. 

What if I don't have checkbox pre-checked?
In that case we recommend you use our Discount pop-up widget.
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