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Triggering Klaviyo Flows when Someone is Added to a List / Segment
Triggering Klaviyo Flows when Someone is Added to a List / Segment

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This guide will take you through using custom properties to segment profiles, trigger flows & create filters.

This is the best way for users on the Octane base plan to create quiz-based Klaviyo flows.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

Before creating any flows or segments in Klaviyo, make sure your data has been verified first.

When to use this type of flow

List and segment triggered flows are best used for:

  • Welcome flows

  • One-time flows targeting specific quiz answers

  • Post-quiz flows for Octane base plan users

In a list triggered flow, you can personalize emails and the flow itself by using custom properties, which will represent someone's answers & results pages in a quiz.

πŸ’‘ What to know about list & segment triggered flows

List & segment triggered flows can only be entered once by a profile, even if the profile doesn't complete the flow or fulfills the requirements to enter the flow again.

Octane Plus users should use a metric triggered flow instead, which can enter a profile into the flow every time a quiz is completed. Metric triggered flows can also use Klaviyo's dynamic variables to personalize emails based on quiz results.

What are custom properties?

Custom properties are profile properties in Klaviyo that aren't standard. In the case of Octane AI, these custom properties are sent to Klaviyo every time someone opts in through a quiz:

  • Quiz answers

  • Quiz result page

  • Results page URL (Octane Plus)

  • Octane AI lists

Once inside of a Klaviyo profile, specific properties can be targeted to personalize flows & email content based on preferences.

Custom properties can also be used with Klaviyo's "Personalization" as well as "Show/hide" features. Personalization lets you insert a property, like a quiz link or a quiz answer into emails while show/hide lets you add filters into specific pieces of email content.

🎬 VIDEO: Using Quiz Data with Integrations

Watch this video to learn how to verify & use quiz data with integrations.

Triggering email flows with custom properties

Custom properties can be used with flow triggers in one of two ways:

  1. Using custom properties in a trigger's flow filters.

  2. Triggering a flow using a segment defined using custom properties.

The steps below will go over how you can trigger a flow by targeting a List or a Segment (segments are a type of list).

Using flow filters in a list-triggered flow

When an email is sent to Klaviyo from Octane AI, it'll sync into the list selected in the integration settings.

πŸ“• Creating a list-triggered flow

  1. In Klaviyo, go to Flows β†’ Create flow.

  2. Click on Create from scratch.

  3. Name your flow.

  4. On the left menu under TRIGGER SETUP, select List.

  5. Click on FLOW FILTERS and select "Add a flow filter".

  6. Use the "Properties about someone" condition to target custom properties.

  7. Select the custom properties required for a customer to enter this list.

An example of a general filter that could be used is selecting the property that represents your quiz results, and using the is set condition.

This filter would let customers from your master email list enter, but only if they had a results page property from one of your quizzes in their profile.

Specific answer choices and results pages can also be used to create more targeted flows.

Since list-triggered flows can only be entered once by a customer, creating multiple flows is a useful way to re-target customers that take your quiz more than once.

Triggering flows with quiz segments

Segments can be used to filter customers first before sending them into a flow made for that segment only.

Since segments can target any custom property as their filter, they're very useful for creating a dynamic list of quiz takers or people who chose specific answers.

πŸ“• Creating a quiz segment flow

  1. In Klaviyo, go to Audience β†’ Lists & Segments β†’ Create List/Segment.

  2. Name your segment and for the condition, select "Properties about someone".

  3. Select a property name & value the segment will target.

An easy way to create a segment of people who completed your quiz is by selecting the custom property that represents your quiz results pages (such as Octane: Quiz result in the example below) and the condition is set.

This will target anyone who has the quiz result property, regardless of the results page they received.

πŸ“• Creating a segment-triggered flow

  1. In Klaviyo, go to Flows β†’ Create flow.

  2. Click on Create from scratch.

  3. Name your flow.

  4. On the left menu under TRIGGER SETUP, select Segment.

  5. Select the quiz segment you created and save the trigger.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I set the "Accepts marketing" property?

The Accepts Marketing property for Octane AI opt-ins will be synced as "false". This is because the Accepts Marketing is a Shopify-specific property that will be marked "true" if the subscriber places an order with the marketing checkbox filled in during checkout.

This won't impact compliance or your ability to send marketing flows to anyone.

  • How long does it take for a flow to trigger after someone has completed a quiz?

Here's a general timeline of events when someone takes your quiz and opts in.

0-1 minutes: The profile will sync into Klaviyo.

1-2 minutes: Custom properties will populate the profile.

1-2 minutes: The profile will subscribe to the list set as the master list in Octane AI.

2-3 minutes: The profile will appear in any segments targeted by the segment filters.

This means any list triggered flows should enter the profile within 2-3 minutes, and segment triggered flows will enter the profile within 3-4 minutes.

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