This guide will let you know what the Klaviyo integration can do in Octane AI, and how to jump right into setting up flows based on quiz data.

Table of contents:

1. Quick Start

2. How to Use Octane AI's Klaviyo Integration

2.1. Finding a Customer's Quiz Answers

2.2. Getting a Results Page URL (Octane AI Plus)

3. Next Steps

1. Quick Start

Here are the steps to setting up your Klaviyo integration, and getting it ready to accept subscribers from a quiz and create flows based on that quiz data.

Connect Klaviyo

1. Create a private API key in Klaviyo.

2. In Octane AI, go to the Integrations page.

3. Next to Klaviyo, click "Add".

4. Enter the private API key. Leave the selected list to "Not selected".

5. Click Save.

Make sure you leave the list not selected, or select a list you know is set to single opt-in in case your account receives any email opt-ins from Shopify checkout.

After the Klaviyo integration has been set up, you can proceed to the next step if you already have a quiz in progress.

Register Quiz Data in Klaviyo

1. Add your quiz to a Shopify webpage. This page can remain hidden or unlinked from customers.

2. On the Shopify page, take the quiz and submit an email.

3. Wait 2-3 minutes, and check the profile in Klaviyo.

Everyone who submits an email through an Octane AI quiz will have their answers and results represented as properties in their profile. However, before you can target this data, it has to be entered at least once.

This can be done by taking the quiz, or by manually adding a property. The fastest method is to take the quiz once, then manually add the rest of the properties.

For a final, optional step you can create a segment of every email subscriber who finished an Octane AI quiz at least once.

[OPTIONAL] Make a Segment of Everyone Who Finished Quiz

1. In Klaviyo, go to the page Lists & Segments.

2. Click "Create List / Segment".

3. Select "Segment".

4. Under Definition, click on the condition drop-down menu.

5. Pick "Properties about someone".

6. For the dimension, pick the quiz results property that was registered in the previous guide. It should start with "Octane: Quiz result..."

7. Click on "equals" and change it to "is set".

8. Name the segment and save.

This segment will filter in any subscribers who have your quiz's result property, which means they've finished your quiz at least once.

This is a great way to create a flow if you're not using dynamic email templates.

From here, your Octane AI Klaviyo integration will be ready to receive quiz data and you'll have all the tools you need to create personalized flows.

To dive into what you can do with Octane AI data in Klaviyo, check out the next section.

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2. How to Use Octane AI's Klaviyo Integration

Once the Klaviyo integration is set up, data will flow into Klaviyo automatically every time someone takes a quiz. But what can you do with the data?

Here's what you can do:

In Klaviyo

Use Case

Segment customers with quiz data.

  • Easily organize subscribers by quiz answers or results.

Trigger a flow when someone finishes a quiz.

  • Send an email with a discount code or other content when a quiz is completed.

  • Send an email that automatically populates with products from quiz results (OCTANE PLUS only).

Create an email that dynamically changes with quiz results (OCTANE PLUS only).

Whether you're on the Octane or Octane Plus plan, all Octane AI users will be able to send personalized emails based on quiz results.

However, only Octane Plus users will be able to create a dynamic template, while Octane users can use profile properties with static emails to create flows.

2.1. Finding a Customer's Quiz Answers

Every customer in Klaviyo has their quiz answers logged as custom properties.

These custom properties show up in a customer's profile as long as they've taken a quiz and submitted their email on the same browser cookie.

Each property can be targeted by segments, flows, filters & more in Klaviyo.

One quick way of finding customers who answered your quiz in a certain way is by creating a segment that targets the custom property of the answer you have in mind.

2.2. Getting a Results Page URL (Octane Plus)

Octane Plus users will be able to retrieve and send a link back to a customer's quiz results in Klaviyo.

Octane AI does this by packaging quiz data into a timeline event that can then be used for content and flows in Klaviyo, which includes a link back to the customer's results page.

How do I see the link to a customer's results?

Clicking on the timestamp of an Octane: quiz completed event in the timeline of a customer profile will display the raw data where you can even access the link back to the customer's results.

How do I add the URL to an email in Klaviyo?

You can have the link dynamically appear in an email sent to a subscriber if:

  1. The subscriber has completed a quiz.

  2. The email flow has a Metric-based trigger.

    1. The metric that will trigger your quiz is when someone completes the quiz in their profile timeline.

The code below will turn into a link to the customer's quiz results if copied into the correct type of flow.

{{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }}

Here's how to make a metric-based flow in Klaviyo (required to use the code above):

Before following the steps below, a profile should have been submitted to Klaviyo through your quiz at least once. The best way to do this is to publish your quiz to a hidden Shopify page and perform a test run.

1. Create a new flow in Klaviyo from scratch.

2. On the trigger select screen, pick Metric.

3. For the metric, search "quiz completed".

4. Select your quiz's "quiz completed" event. The quiz you choose with your event is the only quiz this flow will pull data from.

5. Click "Done" to finalize the trigger and create the flow.

Any emails added to this flow will be able to add dynamic variables like {{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }} which will turn into content from a customer's quiz session.

Learn more about this Octane Plus feature here.

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3. Next Steps

Still feel like you aren't sure where to go after connecting the integration? Use this as a guide on where to go next:

1. Octane users

After connecting the Klaviyo integration, publish your quiz to a webpage and submit your email to add your quiz properties to Klaviyo.

These properties may change if your quiz content changes, but this will allow you to set up Klaviyo features while quiz building. Afterwards:

  1. Make a segment of people who finished the quiz at least once.

  2. Create a flow triggered by a segment, and select the segment made in step 1.

  3. Add an email to the flow and test it out.

Emails in this flow can be personalized by using conditional splits that target quiz data.

Learn how Hunter & Gather increased Klaviyo flow revenue by 258% by personalizing with custom properties.

2. Octane Plus users

On Octane Plus, you can use Klaviyo to:

  • Send emails that dynamically populate with products

  • Include a link back to quiz results in emails

Once you've created a metric-based flow using the quiz completed event, all you have to do is build your email content.

Start with a small email to try out dynamic email content. If you have a dynamic quiz in Octane AI, we recommend adding a dynamic table into the email.

If you have a custom quiz with a static number of products at the end, dynamic variables can offer more customization.

Try previewing your email inside of the metric-based flow. If done correctly, your dynamic elements should transform into quiz based content.

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