Sync customer emails and information collected from Facebook Messenger campaigns with your Klaviyo account.

Table of contents:

1. Connecting Octane AI with Klaviyo

1.1. Create a Private Key

1.2. Select a list to sync contacts to

2. Customer Information That Can be Seen in Klaviyo

3. Events That Can Be Seen in Klaviyo

3.1. Creating Lists & Segments with Klaviyo Events

4. Collecting Opt-ins with Octane AI Features

1. Connecting Octane AI with Klaviyo

In order to add Klaviyo, go to Integrations tab and click on the Add button:

After which you will see the pop-up to set your Klaviyo preferences:

1.1. Create a Private Key

In order to create the Private key, go to your Klaviyo account and click on the Settings option.

From there you will select API Keys and click on the Create API Key button.

After your unique API Key is displayed, copy and paste it into the private key field on Octane AI.

1.2. Select a list to sync contacts to

Select which of your Klaviyo lists you wish to add contacts that will be synced from Octane AI. If you leave the "Not selected" option, user profiles will be created but they won't be added to any of your lists.

After you have added your Private Key and selected the list to Sync to, click the Save button and you are all set.

When do my contacts sync with Klaviyo?

Your subscribers will be synced with Klaviyo as soon as you have an email for them.

Note: If a user completes your shop quiz or provides any additional information within an Octane AI feature, this will all sync into their profile even if they provide their email at a later date.

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2. Customer Info That Can be Seen in Klaviyo

For users synced from Octane AI you will be able to see the following information:

  • First Name and Last Name

  • Email

  • Gender

  • Time zone

  • Phone number

  • Octane AI lists the user is on

Name, gender, and Octane AI lists will only be included if someone opts in with Facebook Messenger in addition to their email. You can also gather phone numbers with your Klaviyo syncs through the shop quiz, pop-ups or by asking for a user's number in Facebook Messenger.

Once your Klaviyo account is integrated with Octane AI, you will be able to automatically sync the questions and answers from your Shop Quiz for every user that submits their email. From there you can further segment the users in Klaviyo so that you can use custom properties from Octane AI to retarget customers and personalize your email marketing.

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3. Events That Can be Seen in Klaviyo

These are Octane AI events you can see in Klaviyo if you are connected to Shopify (keep in mind these events will only be sent for people who have given their email within an Octane AI feature):

  • Octane: Delivered Abandoned Cart Message

  • Octane: Delivered Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Octane: Delivered Shipping Notification

  • Octane: Subscribed to Shipping Notification

  • Octane: Subscribed to Abandoned Cart Reminder

  • Octane: Clicked Abandoned Cart Message

  • Octane: Unsubscribed from All Bot Messages

  • Octane: Subscribed back to Bot Messages

  • Octane: Unsubscribed from All Cart Messages

  • Octane: Placed Order after Receiving Abandoned Cart Message

What can I do with those events?

Tracking events is an amazing feature because you can target specific users based on events and send them campaign.

Let's say you wish to update our abandoned cart flow based on whether or not someone engaged with an abandoned cart message in Facebook Messenger. You would do this by going to Flows -> Create Abandoned carts flow (if you don't have it already) -> and set up your flow to go like the example below:

Note: In this particular case, when adding a Conditional split, the configurations should be: What someone has done (or not done) -> Clicked on Abandoned carts Message -> At least once -> Over all time:

This is just one of many possibilities.

3.1. Creating Lists and Segments With Klaviyo Events

You can also create Lists and Segments to send targeted campaigns. For example, you might send an email campaign only to female shoppers:

  1. Go to Lists and Segments in your Klaviyo Dashboard

  2. Click "Create List/Segment" and choose to create new Segment

  3. Add name and segment conditions like in this example:

  4. After you set up your Segment, go to Campaigns and create a new campaign where you would choose this Segment:

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4. Collecting Opt-ins with Octane AI Features

There are many ways you can easily ask your customers for their contact information. One way we highly recommend is adding an opt-in section to a Conversational Pop-Up. This works really well with a discount code or something similar.

Here's an example:

What if only Octane AI knows the customers email by collecting it through Messenger?

When someone visits your store and has sent their email into Octane AI or has accepted marketing through Shopify checkout, they're eligible to receive your Klaviyo flows. These flows can be Product Recommendations or Browse and Cart Abandonment emails just to name a couple.

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