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A/B Testing Octane AI through VWO
A/B Testing Octane AI through VWO

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Octane AI quizzes can be A/B tested with the help of pop-ups through the method described in this guide.

Dedicated A/B testing platforms can also be great options for A/B testing quizzes and customer experiences on your website. This article will go over using Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) to test quizzes.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

Why test through a dedicated A/B testing platform?

A/B testing quizzes directly in Octane AI requires the use of a non-quiz pop-up. If you're looking to test a different customer experience, a dedicated A/B testing platform will be able to offer a large amount of flexibility in the methods you test with.

Octane AI doesn't have a direct integration with any dedicated testing platforms, but can be used quite seamlessly with most.

What you'll need to use VWO

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is a powerful A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, and one of the integrations that Google recommends for use with Google Analytics.

While VWO has several components you can use for your website experience, only VWO Testing is required to A/B test, specifically the Split URL testing feature.

This will allow you to split customers between 2 or more variations of a webpage using different URLs, which lets you create tests for different quizzes.

The regular A/B Testing feature can also be used to test variations of a page for a single quiz - for example, you may want to try different custom CSS code or page designs.

Integrating with Google Analytics

VWO's Google Analytics integration allows you to create audiences in GA4, as well as import audiences from GA4 in order to create campaigns inside of VWO.

Although Octane AI doesn't have a direct integration with VWO, Octane AI's Google Analytics integration can be used to build audiences that integrate quiz events into its metrics.

This will let you test & create audiences based on:

  • Quiz progress

  • Specific customer preferences

  • Any other data collected in quizzes

The zero-party data given by customers in quizzes can be combined with testing to give valuable insight on your brand's customer profiles.

Read more about VWO's GA4 integration here:

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