Octane AI's Google Analytics integration lets you create GA events for:

  • Quiz views

  • Quiz starts / completes

  • Quiz answers

  • Quiz results

These events can be tracked with a GA tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXXXXX or G-XXXXXXXXX).


You'll need to have a Google Analytics account, a GA tracking ID (also called measurement ID) and a subscription to Octane Plus.

Jump ahead here for instructions on finding your GA tracking ID.


  1. In Octane AI, go to Integrations.

  2. Find Google Analytics and click 'Add'.

  3. Paste your GA tracking code into the text field.

  4. Save your changes.

Once this has been done, Google Analytics options will open up in your quizzes. You can also use the same methods to change the tracking code.

Viewing & enabling GA events in Octane

Quizzes will have GA events for the following enabled by default:

  • Quiz views

  • Quiz starts

  • Quiz completions

  • Each result page

General GA events can be found by going to Setting > Google Analytics in the quiz editor.

Events for result pages & answers are found in a different location.

Check for the CUSTOM PROPERTIES AND EVENTS section in the left menu of the quiz editor while viewing a result page or answer.

Finding your GA tracking ID

The format of your tracking ID (or measurement ID) depends on the type of GA property you're tracking with.

Universal Analytics property: UA-XXXXXXXXXX

Google Analytics 4 property: G-XXXXXXXXX

Finding the UA tracking ID

  1. In Google Analytics, go to Admin.

  2. Under the property menu, click Tracking Info.

  3. Click Tracking Code.

  4. Your tracking ID will display, starting with UA.

Finding the GA4 measurement ID

  1. In Google Analytics, go to Admin.

  2. Under the property menu, click Data Streams.

  3. Select (or create) the data stream you'd like to track with.

  4. Your tracking ID will display under 'Measurement ID', starting with G.

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