⚠️ On September 27, 2022, Octane AI will end support for (i.e. deprecate) our Facebook Messenger and Facebook Ads features so we can focus on our zero-party data and artificial intelligence features.

With upcoming privacy updates in Apple's iOS 14, iOS users will be able to opt out of data collection by Facebook. This will primarily affect your Facebook Pixel's ability to track conversion effects as well as ad optimization.

How does this impact Octane AI?

Optimizing ads directly for custom events is currently unavailable in ads manager. This includes any custom Pixel events you create in Octane AI. However, you can optimize and prioritize for Octane AI custom events simply by creating a custom conversion first.

Check out this article to learn how to set up your Octane AI custom events for Facebook's iOS 14 compliance updates.

Custom events themselves are still super handy for retargeting and creating custom audiences - learn more about how Octane AI's Facebook Pixel integration works.

There are a number of settings and features within Facebook Ads and Events Manager that will be affected as well, including:

  • Ad creation

  • Optimization/targeting

  • Reporting

Updating your Facebook Pixel event setup for iOS 14 changes

Facebook has recommended a few specific changes to ready your pixel for the iOS 14 privacy updates in this article on Facebook's website.

1. Verify your domain

One change coming in Facebook will be a limit of 8 conversion events for optimization and reporting. Verifying your business with Domain Verification in Facebook will allow you to control which events are used.

There are other advantages to Domain Verification, including some settings that are only available after verification is complete.

Learn more about Facebook Domain Verification.

2. Prioritize 8 conversion events to use.

Using Aggregated Events Measurement in Facebook Events Manager, you'll be able to set the event priority of up to 8 standard events and custom conversions.

This will allow these 8 events to gather data on events even from customers that have cross-site tracking protections. To use your Octane AI custom events with this feature, you'll have to create custom conversions for them first.

For a full list of changes and best practices in preparation for iOS 14, check out this article from Facebook.

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