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Turning Quiz Events into Custom Conversions in Meta Events Manager
Turning Quiz Events into Custom Conversions in Meta Events Manager

How to add Octane AI custom events into the Aggregated Events Measurement menu

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Turning quiz events in Meta into custom conversions is an optional step that will allow you to:

  1. Optimize your ads for quiz events

  2. Add quiz events to Meta's list of Aggregated Events Measurement

Custom conversions also give Meta more context around what each custom event represents, improving Meta's ability to look for similar customers in lookalike audiences.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

How to create a custom conversion event in Meta to enable more accurate tracking through the Meta Pixel.

๐Ÿ’ก Prerequisites

Quizzes will need to be connected with a specific Meta pixel before events can be tracked from it.

Pixels track quiz starts and completions but can also track when specific answers or results are chosen, if those custom events are added to the quiz.

Why make a custom conversion?

Octane AI's Meta events are considered custom events within Meta. This makes them versatile, allowing you to track customer actions and target events with audiences.

However as custom events, the downside is Meta requires additional context before it knows what the custom event represents (since any action on the website can be turned into a custom event).

Turning a custom event, such as quiz completion, into a custom conversion enables:

  • Optimizing for the event in an ad

  • Allows tracking the event from anonymous users

  • Adds extra parameters to help Meta recognize the event

The ability to track the event even with anonymous users comes through Meta's Aggregated Events Measurement.

What is Aggregated Events Measurement?

Aggregated Events Measurement is a system that lets you select up to 8 conversion events in Meta to track even if users are anonymous.

This includes users that use VPNs, incognito browsers or have simply opted to not allow Meta's apps to track them. Directly submitted data like Octane AI's quiz data will always go through but tracking browser actions through cookies and pixels is much more difficult for this group of users.

Once a custom event is turned into a custom conversion, you'll be able to add that custom conversion to the list of aggregated events in Meta which improves tracking for that event and subsequently any ads and audiences connected to it.

Turning a custom event into a custom conversion

Before following these steps, make sure your Meta pixel has logged events from the quiz you want to track at least once.

  1. In Meta Events Manager, open the left menu and click on Custom Conversions.

  2. On the Custom Conversions page, click Create custom conversion.

  3. Enter a name for your custom conversion.

  4. Under Data Source, pick the Pixel that's connected to your quiz.

  5. Under Conversion Event, select the custom event you want to target.

  6. Under Choose a Standard Event for Optimization, choose the action closest to the one you want to track such as "Purchase".

  7. Under Rules, add a small, unique part of your quiz URL (such as "pages/quiz").

As an optional step, you can also add a conversion value.

A conversion value will tell Facebook how much this conversion is worth, particularly in ROAS reports. This will overwrite numbers reported by ads, so this is only recommended if purchases from your quiz stay within a consistent range and you're not seeing effective conversions reporting.

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