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Tracking Quiz Events with the Meta Pixel
Tracking Quiz Events with the Meta Pixel

Using Octane AI's Meta Pixel integration to engage users based on customer behavior

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You can add a Meta pixel ID directly into quizzes to enable that pixel to track certain quiz events.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

You'll need to have a Meta pixel tracking on your website.

Here's Meta's guide on creating a Meta pixel.

How to add a Meta pixel to a quiz

  1. With your Meta pixel ID ready, open the quiz you want to track in Octane AI's quiz editor.

  2. Go to the Connect tab.

  3. Under INTEGRATIONS, click on Meta pixel.

  4. Add the pixel ID that you want this quiz tracked by here.

πŸ”Ž Tracking events with the pixel

Pixels can currently track:

  • Quiz starts

  • Quiz completions

  • Specific answers

  • Specific results pages

In Meta, the quiz's events are seen as custom events which means that Meta Events Manager doesn't have much context about what kind of action the event represents.

Turning at least one of these events into a custom conversion lets you add more parameters around the event and even add it to Meta's list of optimized events.

Testing the Meta pixel

The best way to test if your pixel is tracking Octane AI events if by publishing the quiz in a webpage, and using Meta Pixel Helper Chrome extension.

This extension will show you what your pixel is reading in real time.

Adding new events to a quiz

On top of the default quiz start & completed events, events can also be added per answer or per results page.

The left menu should include a CUSTOM PROPERTIES AND EVENTS section where you can add a new custom Meta event.

πŸ“• Creating audiences in Meta based on quiz events

Events can be used to create lookalike audiences, or even target the people that chose a certain answer in your quiz.

When creating a new audience, just select Website as your custom audience source and make sure your Events Manager has logged events from the quiz.

If you have a custom quiz, targeting popular result pages with audiences or lookalikes can be a great idea.

Custom events can't be directly optimized for, but you can if you turn it into a custom conversion.

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