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How to Get a Shareable URL / Link for Quiz Results
How to Get a Shareable URL / Link for Quiz Results

Octane Plus users will have a shareable link generated for each result customers see, for dynamic and custom results.

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When customers take quizzes on the Octane Plus plan, a shareable link is generated each time a result is generated.

These links can automatically be sent and inserted into integration content such as Klaviyo emails and Attentive SMS, but they can also be exported.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

  • How quiz result URLs are generated.

  • How to send quiz result URLs to integrations.

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

  • Shareable result page links are generated for Octane Plus users.

How does it work?

Whenever a published quiz is completed and someone lands on the result page, a link is created of those results.

Even if result page content or logic is changed later, content inside of links won't change.

You can retrieve a link to each quiz session by exporting your quiz data.

Result page links are sent to integrations as custom properties and other types of flexible data (such as a custom event that developers can use).

By using placeholder variables in integrations like Klaviyo and Attentive, result page links can be dynamically inserted into post-quiz flows & messages.

Finding shareable result page URLs in Octane AI

Shareable result page links are included inside of quiz responses exports. You can acquire these exports through each quiz's analytics page.

πŸ“• Exporting quiz result page links:

Step 1: In Octane AI, go to the Quiz page and locate the quiz you'd like to export data for.

Result page links for each customer is saved inside of the quiz's data export.

Step 2: Click on your quiz name to open the quiz's analytics page.

Data exports, in addition to detailed metrics can be found inside of the quiz's page.

Step 3: Find the Download quiz data section.

The date picker here is separate from the one used for the general metrics, and will only change the date range that the export targets.

Step 4: Pick the time frame you'd like to export for, and click Export data.

This will export a CSV file that includes response data for each quiz session including:

  • Timestamp

  • Answers

  • Opt-ins

  • Product IDs

  • Result page link

Using the shareable result page URL in Klaviyo

Result page links are sent to Klaviyo as one of two data types.

Data type

Data that is passed with opt-ins

Where you can use this data in Klaviyo

Custom properties

  • Quiz answers & result page

  • Result page URL

  • Shopify tags

  • Octane AI list membership

  • All flows

Quiz completed event

  • Quiz answers & result page

  • Result page URL

  • Product data

  • Metric-triggered flows

Custom properties vs. quiz completed event

If Octane AI sends data in multiple formats, how do you know which one is the right one to use?

The quiz completed event (used to trigger metric flows) is best for post-quiz flows, while custom properties are best for Octane base plan users & welcome flows.

Metric flows can be triggered every time a quiz is completed, but list based flows can only be entered once. On the other hand, custom properties can be used to personalize emails anywhere in Klaviyo, so there's an advantage to using both data types.

πŸ”Ž PROS and CONS: Custom properties


  • Can insert or filter data in any email template.

  • Can be used to segment.


  • Must use segments to trigger list flows.

  • List flows can only be entered once.

  • Can't access product data.

Because Klaviyo only allows profiles to enter list flows once, this means custom properties are a great tool for welcome flows and long term campaigns.

Below is an example of a filter that targets anyone with a quiz result custom property, which means they've made it to the end of the quiz at least once.

πŸ”Ž PROS and CONS: Quiz completed event


  • Trigger flows every time on quiz completion.

  • Contains complete quiz data (products, quiz answers & results).


  • Can only be used in metric flows.

Profiles can enter metric flows every time the targeted event is triggered. In this case, this means every time the "quiz completed" event appears on someone's profile timeline in Klaviyo.

This makes them ideal for post-quiz flows such as ones that send discount codes & results through email.

Dynamically adding result page URLs into Klaviyo messages

Use the code below to insert the result page URL (depending on the type of flow).

Data type

Flow type

Dynamic variable

Custom properties

  • All flows

{{ person|lookup:"quiz results URL"|default:"" }}

Timeline event

  • Metric-triggered flows

{{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }}

If you change the name of your quiz result property, you'll need to replace the text quiz results URL in the variable with the new name of your result link property.

Using a list-triggered flow vs. metric-triggered flow in Klaviyo

With custom property data being usable in all types of flows, what is the timeline event for and why would you make a metric-triggered flow?

Customers can enter a metric-triggered flow as many times as they qualify, while list or segment-triggered flows can only be entered once.

This makes metric-triggered flows the best choice for a quiz results flow as it lets your customers receive their quiz follow up emails every time they take a quiz, and not just the 1st time.

Learn more about Triggering a Quiz Results Flow on Quiz Completion in Klaviyo

Using the shareable result page URL in Attentive

Quiz links can be added to messages in Attentive as long as it's in a journey triggered by the quiz completed event.

As long as the journey is being triggered by the correct data, quiz links can be easily added to SMS messages.

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