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Getting Started with Klaviyo SMS & MMS
Getting Started with Klaviyo SMS & MMS

Using Octane AI to personalize your SMS & MMS messaging in Klaviyo

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Octane AI provides all of the tools you need to create compliant SMS opt-ins through quizzes and pop-ups on your store.

With Klaviyo, you can use Octane AI's integration for both email and SMS.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

How to set up your Klaviyo integration and Octane AI to be able to use SMS & MMS in Klaviyo.

๐Ÿ’ก Prerequisites

You'll need to have Octane AI's Klaviyo integration connected.

A Klaviyo account with SMS enabled will also be required. Any list that collects SMS opt-ins will also need double opt-ins enabled.

Segmenting customers in Klaviyo with quiz data

Quiz data is sent into Klaviyo in the form of custom properties. This can include:

  • Quiz answers

  • Quiz result URL

  • Opt-in source

Segments can be made using this data which can be useful for creating customer lists of certain preferences, of people who finished your quiz or to trigger flows based on particular answers.

Here's a step-by-step guide on creating a segment in Klaviyo using quiz data.

Triggering flows in Klaviyo with Lists & Segments

Octane users can trigger flows when a customer enters a certain list, or segment.

For this segment, we'll trigger a flow when someone enters the general list your Octane AI opt-ins flow into.

  1. In the Klaviyo dashboard, go to Flows.

  2. Click on Create Flow.

  3. Click on Create From Scratch.

  4. Name your flow and click "Create".

  5. For the trigger, select "List".

  6. Select the list that your SMS opt-ins go to.

  7. Click Done.

OPTIONAL: Add a flow filter so only people who have finished a quiz will enter this flow.

This is helpful if the trigger list accepts opt-ins from sources other than your quiz, ensuring that the flow's messages will only go to quiz takers.

  1. While editing the flow trigger, click on Flow Filters.

  2. For the condition, select "Properties about someone".

  3. Find the "Octane: quiz results" property for your quiz.

  4. Set the property's condition to "is set".

  5. Save the filter.

In order to select a property from your quiz, it needs to be synced to your Klaviyo account at least once. This can be done by taking a published quiz and submitting an opt-in, or manually adding the property.

Triggering flows in Klaviyo on quiz completion (Octane Plus)

Octane Plus users can create a metric-triggered flow in Klaviyo, which is a flow that can be triggered by timeline events rather than when someone enters or subscribes to a list.

Customers can only enter list-triggered flows once, but can enter metric-triggered flows unlimited times.

This makes metric-triggered flows ideal for flows like quiz result flows.

  1. Create a new flow in Klaviyo from scratch.

  2. On the trigger select screen, pick "Metric".

  3. For the metric, search "quiz completed".

  4. Select your quiz's "quiz completed" event. The quiz you choose with your event is the only quiz this flow will pull data from.

  5. Click "Done" to finalize the trigger and create the flow.

Customers will enter this flow every time Klaviyo sees a quiz completion on the customer's profile timeline.

This timeline event is packed with data and will trigger every time the customer takes a quiz on the same browser cookie, or if they submit an opt-in again.

Adding a result page URL to Klaviyo flows

  1. In a list-triggered flow, add a new SMS message.

  2. Click Configure Content in the left menu.

  3. Under the message content box, click "Insert Property".

    If you're using a list-triggered flow:

  4. Insert the property "quiz results url" OR paste the code {{ person|lookup:"quiz results URL"|default:'' }} into the message.

    If you're using a metric-triggered flow:

  5. Paste the code {{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }} into the message.

  6. Finish the rest of your message and save.

The quiz results URL property can still be used in a metric-triggered flow. But the event-specific code will guarantee data since it will pull the link directly from the same timeline event that is triggering the flow for the customer.

For more details on Klaviyo email & SMS syntax, check out this guide.

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