Octane AI users on the Plus plans can send customers a shareable link to their quiz results through integrations like Klaviyo, Zapier and Alloy. This link is sent as an event variable in Klaviyo and a custom property in Zapier and Alloy. Use this guide as a reference for how to find and use this shareable link with your integrations.

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1. How it works

1.1. Klaviyo

1.2. Zapier and Alloy

2. Adding a shareable URL for your quiz in Klaviyo

This feature is currently available on the Octane AI Plus plan. To learn more, contact our support team.

1. How it works

Any Octane AI account that's currently on the Plus plan will automatically be able to send customers a link to the results page they landed on through one of Octane AI's integrations.

This is done with a short line of code inserted into a Klaviyo email template or as a custom property sent through Zapier that allows you to set up a flow that links customers back to a snapshot of their personalized quiz results.

When sent in Klaviyo, the event variable below is the line of code you can add into any flow triggered by an Octane AI "quiz completed" event and the code will dynamically turn into a link to their quiz results.

Event variable

What does it do?

{{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }}

Inserts a link to the personalized results page represented by the event.

1.1. Klaviyo

Users on Octane AI Plus plan will be able to pass a customer's quiz answers, results and even specific product recommendations to Klaviyo as event variables.

An event variable is data that can be included in events passed into Klaviyo from 3rd party apps - in this case, when someone completes your quiz and gives their email - and can be used in Klaviyo email templates to create dynamic content.

You can locate the results page URL for a specific subscriber by locating the event in their Klaviyo timeline, then viewing the raw data for that event.

This will open a separate window that will display all of the specific event variables inside of the event, including the shareable URL.

Skip ahead to this guide to learn how to create an email template that displays this content dynamically.

1.2. Zapier and Alloy

When setting up a Zap in Zapier, or a recipe in Alloy, the shareable link will appear as one of the custom variables you can include. This lets you pass the shareable link into other platforms in data fields that are the most appropriate for the app that you're targeting from Octane AI.

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2. Adding a shareable results page link to an email in Klaviyo

This guide will show you how to add a shareable results page link to an email template in Klaviyo as a button.

You'll be able to follow this guide even if you haven't set up your Klaviyo integration in Octane AI yet, but you'll need at least one quiz completion event logged with the integration to preview this feature in action.

1. Open or create an email template in Klaviyo (you can use the new or classic editor).

2. From the left content menu, drag-and-drop a button into your template.

3. In the "Link URL" (classic) or "URL" (new) field, copy and paste this code: {{ event|lookup:'quiz results URL' }}

4. Fill out the "Button Text" field.

5. Save your changes.

When editing a template from the Email Templates page, you won't be able to preview this dynamic link in action. This is because the template needs an actual event to take data from and use in a preview.

Use these steps to learn how to preview dynamic emails with your quiz contents.

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