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About Octane AI
Octane AI Facebook Messenger + Ads Deprecation [LEGACY]
Octane AI Facebook Messenger + Ads Deprecation [LEGACY]
Octane AI deprecated Facebook Messenger and Ads features on September 27, 2022.
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On September 27, 2022, Octane AI removed support for its Facebook Messenger + Ads features. While the Meta pixel can still be used to track quiz events, any Facebook Messenger related features in Octane AI are no longer available.

Legacy Messenger features


What was deprecated?

FB Messenger Campaigns

  • One-time notifications

  • Comment capture

FB Messenger Flows

  • Browse abandonment messages

  • Cart abandonment messages

  • Order confirmation & shipping notification messages

Facebook Ads

  • Click-to-Messenger ads

  • Sponsored messages

Advanced Tools

  • Convos

  • Questions

Customer Care

  • Smart responses

  • Convo recommendations

  • Inbox

Main Menu

  • Main menu

Integrations specific to Facebook Messenger / Ads

  • Dashbot analytics

  • Justuno

  • Privy

  • Yotpo

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