What is the exit intent pop-up?

The exit intent pop-up is an opt-in tool that encourages a customer to subscribe to your Messenger when they take actions that indicate they're intending to leave your site. This is a great way to capture a customer as a Messenger subscriber before they've left your site. 

You can offer them a discount, exclusive promotions, and customize the messaging to capture their attention before they leave. The pop-up will only appear once per user unless they clear their cookies after visiting the site.

When is the pop-up triggered on desktop?

On desktop, exit-intent technology relies on mouse cursor tracking. When a visitor is about to close the page they're on, has to move their mouse upwards to reach for the close option. This type of mouse movement signals that they're ready to exit the page will trigger the pop-up to appear.

When is the pop-up triggered on mobile?

On mobile the pop-up will be triggered by two actions. Either when a visitor clicks the tabs button in the mobile browser (on Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla) or when a visitor clicks the back button (Safari or Mozilla).

How do you customize the exit intent pop-up?

You can turn on and customize the exit intent pop-up from the opt-in tools page. Toggle the pop-up on or customize how it looks for your store by clicking on 'Exit intent pop-up'.

When the new window appears, you can add your discount code to be offered to customers. You can create a discount code within your Shopify back-end and determine the rules for the code. 

In the message field is where you can create the message that will launch after someone opts in through the pop-up. You can add emojis, links, or any language you like!

Next, customize the design of the pop-up for your brand. The first preview that will display is what customers see when the pop-up initially appears:

The second preview you'll see is called the Submitted State, or what customers see after they click the call to action: 

You can add in images, change the alignment, call to action, or colours within your pop-up and see it reflected in the previews before setting your pop-up live:

Lastly, if you want the pop-up only on certain devices, on or excluded from pages, you can set the rules for pop-up placement. Here's an example of the pop-up excluded from my return policy page: 

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