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Creating a Pop-up with a Custom Link
Creating a Pop-up with a Custom Link

Adding a custom Click to Action to an Octane AI pop-up.

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Octane AI has non-quiz pop-ups that can be used to collect opt-ins, or link customers to a custom URL.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

How to create a pop-up with a button that leads to a custom link, instead of collecting opt-ins.

Step-by-step Guide

Quick steps

  1. Go to the pop-ups page.

  2. Create a new welcome or exit intent pop-up.

  3. Select the option "With a discount" or "Without a discount" (this uses a Shopify coupon code).

  4. Click on Email under the opt-in channels menu.

  5. Click Remove email opt-in.

  6. Under Pop-up states find the options to add a custom URL under "Submitted button behavior".

To create a simple pop-up with a button linking to a custom URL, a non-quiz pop-up must be created.

This can be done from Octane AI's pop-ups page.

1. Under welcome or exit intent pop-up, click the "New" button and select a pop-up.

If you use the option "With a discount", you can enter a Shopify discount code that will automatically be applied when someone clicks the pop-up's custom button.

At the moment, this feature is not compatible with unique or dynamic discount codes.

2. Inside of the pop-up editor, select the email opt-in in the left menu to expand it.

3. Once expanded, click "Remove email opt-in".

4. Under "Pop-up states" in the left menu, locate "Submitted button behavior".

5. Select "Go to submitted state and open link in new tab" or "Open a link in the same tab".

6. Customize pop-up settings in the editor and publish the pop-up.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I get the pop-up to show up more than once?

Inside of the pop-up editor, click "Targeting" in the left menu to bring up settings related to who the pop-up appears to.

How do I link this pop-up to a quiz?

First, the quiz must be added to its own Shopify page. Then, that page can be used as the URL that you insert in the pop-up.

Is this compatible with non-Octane pop-ups?

Having a non-Octane AI pop-up active on the same page as an Octane AI pop-up can create conflicts. The most important once is the possibility for both pop-ups to trigger on top of each other.

We recommend using "Targeting" settings to make sure the pop-up targets pages without non-Octane pop-ups.

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