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Getting Started with Octane AI Pop-ups
Getting Started with Octane AI Pop-ups

Boost revenue and collect opt-ins & quiz data with pop-ups that feature quizzes and more.

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In Octane AI, there are two types of pop-ups you can create, with 3 different kinds of triggers.

Pop-ups are a super versatile tool that can be used to capture website visitors before they leave, or entice purchases with a compact product recommendation quiz. Use the links below or read on to learn how you can leverage pop-ups with your store.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

What kinds of pop-ups you can make in Octane AI, and how.

Pop-up types (quiz vs. opt-in)

Octane AI offers two kinds of pop-ups.

  1. Quiz: create a quiz in Octane AI then display it through a pop-up.

  2. Opt-in: collect email or SMS opt-ins in exchange for a discount code, or lead customers to a custom URL.

Pop-ups can still recommend products and generate revenue with short quizzes.

Quiz pop-ups can take any quiz you've made in Octane AI and display it with pop-up trigger and formatting settings instead. Quizzes can also gather opt-ins as well through opt-in pages placed inside of the quiz.

Opt-in quizzes differ in that they can offer discount codes automatically after an opt-in is collected. However, unless a customer has taken a quiz on your website, quiz data will not be included in an opt-in pop-up.

An example of an opt-in pop-up

Any customer information gathered through either pop-up will be sent to Octane AI's integrations. To view the pop-ups you've created, you can visit the Pop-ups page.

Pop-up triggers

The type of pop-ups you can use with Octane AI are:


When it happens

Compatible pop-up types

When someone lands on a page.

Quiz pop-up

Opt-in pop-up

When someone tries to leave the website or page.

Quiz pop-up

Opt-in pop-up

When the add to cart button is pressed outside of a quiz.

Opt-in pop-up

Each trigger comes with a variety of ways to customize when your pop-up appears.

This includes the ability to customize:

  • The amount of time to show up

  • Devices

  • When the pop-up stops showing to a customer

  • Conditions based on purchase behavior

The amount of time to show up can only be customized for welcome pop-ups. Exit intent pop-ups will show when the customer's mouse leaves their browser window, or when the back button is pressed on mobile.

Best Practices

Try creating a 1-question quiz + an opt-in to collect opt-ins with customer preference data

A single question quiz is enough information to make general recommendations and can do a lot to help customers build confidence in certain products.

Conversational pop-ups are also a great way to give customers value in exchange for their opt-in, not only being able to offer a discount but also making the shopping experience easier.

Check out a in-depth + video guide here:

Use Placement settings to create different pop-ups for mobile and desktop

Pop-up placement settings let you target mobile or desktop devices separately. Some images or quizzes may work better on one display over another - creating different quizzes for each lets you optimize for just one display only.

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