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Creating an Opt-in Pop-up with a Discount
Creating an Opt-in Pop-up with a Discount

How discount codes work with your Octane AI pop-ups, and best practices.

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Octane AI pop-ups can be used to publish quizzes, but can also be used as traditional opt-in pop-ups.

๐Ÿ’ก What you'll learn

How to create a non-quiz pop-up with a discount.

๐Ÿ’ก Prerequisites

Pop-ups that offer discounts must use discount codes present in your store.

What is an opt-in pop-up?

All Octane AI pop-ups can be created with or without a discount. This option will be available when creating a new pop-up.

This does mean that you'll have to create a new pop-up if you'd like to add or remove the built-in discount.

If you create a pop-up with a discount, you'll have to enter your discount code in the pop-up edit under the Behavior tab.

How do I create a discount code?

Octane AI's pop-ups can use any of your Shopify discount codes. This means you'll have to create your discount code in Shopify for it to work in Octane AI. If you enter a discount code that hasn't been made yet, customers won't be able to use it.

If you'd rather not offer a discount in your pop-up, you'll just need to create a pop-up without the discount option!

Using discount codes in your pop-up

Including a discount in your pop-up is a great way to offer marketing and shopping incentives to your customers.

Offering a discount immediately as an incentive for an opt-in is a great way to offer customers tangible value in return for their marketing consent. With Octane AI's different pop-up types and placement options, you can target these incentives to maximize customer engagement and the revenue you earn in Octane AI.

For example, including a discount in your exit intent pop-up can be a great way to catch customers who are about to leave your website without making a purchase.

Promising a discount in your exit intent pop-ups can be a really effective way to convince visitors to continue shopping and become purchasing customers.

Customizing your discount CTA

When someone opts into your pop-up, your pop-up's submitted state will include a button they can use to be redirected to your website with the discount code automatically applied to their next purchase.

By default, this button is labeled "Use code" but can be customized.

To find the settings for your pop-up's "Use code" button, open the "Submitted state" settings in the pop-up editor's Design settings:

Not only can you change the button text and color, you can also insert a custom URL the customer will be redirected to with these conditions:

  • The URL must be in your Shopify store

  • If the URL field is left blank, customers will be redirected to your Shopify store's homepage with the discount code applied.

What can I do with a pop-up that doesn't have discounts?

If you create a pop-up without discounts, you'll still be able to:

  • Collect Messenger, email and SMS opt-ins.

  • Link a URL with a custom CTA.

  • Announce news and promotions.

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