The add to cart pop-up is one of Octane AI's pop-up opt-in tools. Like the other pop-up tools, it can be an effective way at acquiring more subscribers. Add to cart pop-ups are pop-ups that will appear when a customer adds an item to their cart and aren't subscribed. 

The pop-up gives customers the opportunity to opt into your bot with a display that you can fully customize.

You can change the text, image, font and colors to ensure that the pop-up matches your store's tone and presentation.

The add to cart pop-up can work great together with the other pop-up opt-ins. Using a welcome or exit-intent pop-up on your website as well is highly recommended.

How does it work?

Add to cart pop-ups trigger when a customer that isn't a subscriber adds an item to their cart.

The pop-up will only display to customers once even if they don't subscribe. However, if the customer doesn't subscribe and uses a different browser or clears their browser cookies, the pop-up will trigger again.

The pop-up can be accessed and turned on in the opt-in tools page, as well as the left-nav bar. 

The add to cart pop-up page 

When you first navigate to the add to cart pop-up page, you'll get an overview of your pop-up.

Your total view and subscriber count reflect total life-time numbers, while the graphs below it are determined by the date picker setting.

  • Views:  the amount of customers that have seen your pop-up within the selected date range.
  • Conversions: the amount of customers that subscribed through your pop-up within the selected date range.

At the bottom of the page, the add to cart pop-up can be edited, and A/B testing can be enabled as well.

To start editing your add to cart pop-up, select the "Edit" button. 

Creating your add to cart pop-up

On the edit page, your add to cart pop-up can be customized in the following categories:

  • Message:  select the message a customer is sent after they opt-in. 
  • Design: customize the content and visual design of your pop-up. 
  • Advanced: add a custom CSS selector for the add to cart button.

Selecting your message 

The message that you send can be selected from a drop-down menu:

.By default, the get started message is selected, but more options can be chosen. Convos can be a great way to start a creatively automated conversation with your customer, but the get started message is a solid choice as well.

Here's a step-by-step guide on creating a get started message - since it's the first series of messages a customer might see, it's a great feature that can give your store and your bot a voice to users. 

Tip: you can add a one-time notification opt-in to the add to cart pop-up through a convo. Check out this article for an example on how that can be done.

Designing your pop-up 

When designing your pop-up, almost every aspect can be customized. A live preview of the pop-up shows how the pop-up will look, but also allows for editing the text:

Underneath the preview are options to edit the colors, image and button text.

What's the legacy layout?

Users that previously had add to cart pop-ups active will see a checkbox marked "Use legacy layout". This option is selected by default, and is used to enable an older version of the add to cart pop-up. 

Un-check the legacy option to gain access to the latest pop-up design and customization options.

Adding a custom CSS selector

A custom CSS selector can be added at the bottom of the page. This is an advanced option for users with development knowledge that have made custom changes to the add to cart button.

Octane AI's default selector is:
form[action*='/cart/add'] [type='submit']

This field should only be used if you have development knowledge. You can learn more about it in this document.

Why did my customer get the add to cart pop-up again? 

There are a couple of main reasons for this: 

  • The customer used a different browser or device than the previous time they encountered the pop-up.
  • The customer cleared their browser cookies.

If a customer is subscribed, the add to cart pop-up won't trigger again even under the above conditions. Octane AI offers a variety of opt-in tools, so we recommend using more than one to get the most subscribers for your bot.

Opt-ins: How Do I Increase Bot Subscribers?

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