What is the exit intent pop-up?

The exit intent pop-up is an opt-in tool that encourages a customer to subscribe to your Messenger when they take actions that indicate they're intending to leave your site. This is a great way to capture a customer as a Messenger subscriber before they've left your site. 

You can offer them a discount, exclusive promotions, and customize the messaging to capture their attention before they leave. The pop-up will only appear once per user unless they clear their cookies after visiting the site.

If you have FB Pixel installed on your store, you can track Octane AI opt-ins and create custom conversions and audiences based on these events. For each opt-in, the name of the event includes the [Octane AI] prefix, the name of the source and the word "opt-in" at the end, e.g. [Octane AI] Exit intent pop-up opt-in. It looks like this on the Events list:

When is the pop-up triggered on desktop?

On desktop, exit-intent technology relies on mouse cursor tracking. When a visitor is about to close the page they're on, has to move their mouse upwards to reach for the close option. This type of mouse movement signals that they're ready to exit the page will trigger the pop-up to appear.

When is the pop-up triggered on mobile?

On mobile the pop-up will be triggered by two actions. Either when a visitor clicks the tabs button in the mobile browser (on Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla) or when a visitor clicks the back button (Safari or Mozilla).

How do you customize the exit intent pop-up?

You can turn on and customize the exit intent pop-up from the Pop-ups page. Toggle the pop-up on or customize how it looks for your store by clicking on 'Exit intent pop-up'.

When the new window appears, you can add your discount code to be offered to customers. You can create a discount code within your Shopify back-end and determine the rules for the code. 

In the message field is where you can create the message that will launch after someone opts in through the pop-up. You can add emojis, links, or any language you like!

Next, the interactable pop-up preview allows you to edit the text in both the regular and submitted states. The submitted state is the version that will display after a customer opts in.

The pop-up's image, colors and the alignment of some visual elements can be customized underneath the pop-up preview. You can fill the entire pop-up with an image, or you can separate the image from the text elements of the pop-up.

Lastly, if you want the pop-up only on certain devices, on or excluded from pages, you can set the rules for pop-up placement:

Adding multiple opt-in channels

Through Octane AI's pop-ups, you can gather Messenger, Email and SMS opt-ins. Each of these pop-ups can be customized in terms of design, content and placement to match your brand.

The type of pop-ups you can use with Octane AI are:

  • Welcome pop-up: appears when a user visits your website for the first time.

  • Add to cart pop-up: appears when a user adds an item to their cart.

  • Exit intent pop-up: appears when a user tries to leave your website.

While editing your pop-up, you can add or remove opt-in channels with a simple checkbox and reorder them with a drag-and-drop interface. You can also make SMS and Email opt-ins optional while Messenger pop-ups are optional by default.

If you're using Octane AI's Klaviyo integration, emails you gather will automatically sync into Klaviyo and you'll be able to choose the list emails are sent into as well.

To learn more about using multiple opt-in channels in your pop-ups, check out this article.

Can I make more than one pop-up?

You can create as many pop-up variations as you'd like.

If you activate multiple pop-ups with the same placement settings, then the first pop-up that's active will display for each unique user.

You can use different placement settings to create different pop-ups for unique devices, webpages or even different timings on the same webpage:

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