With our new A/B test option you can easily test different CTA, images, widget placement, discounts, widget styles, etc. and based on the results display the best option to your site visitors.

Which opt-in tools can I A/B test?

A/B testing is available for the Order status page button and Customer chat widget.

How can I A/B test my opt-in tools?

Here is the step by step guide how you can test Welcome pop-up:

  1. Go to the Customer chat widget

  2. At the bottom of the page click the Start A/B test button

3. Variation B is automatically added and is identical with variation A.

4. Set up the weight by clicking on the percentage box. You can set it up manually or click on the Equalize weight button that would automatically distribute weight percentages equally.

5. Now that variation B is added click on the Edit button for variation B of the Welcome pop-up and the editor will open. This is where you can make changes that you wish to test in version B.

6. Once changes are made and saved, your test is live and running.

What are some examples of the tests I can run on my opt-in tools?

You can test so many things! For example you can test different discounts, pop-up image, the main headline CTA, button text and styles, widget placement. This can help you determine how it performs on different pages and/or devices. You can also test different descriptions to display the widget with or without description and so on.

How many variations can I have per test?

You can test up to 4 variations at the same time.

How I end the test and choose a winner?

Once you wish to add your test, click on the End test button and select the variation you wish to keep. The one that has the best conversion rate will be selected by default but you can manually select another variation that you wish to keep.

Please note that once the test is ended you will lose the stats for these variations, but you will still be able to see the overall stats for that widget.

What happens if I turn off the opt-in tool while my A/B test is running?

If you turn off widget while your A/B test is running widget will simply stop showing on your store but your A/B test data will not reset. Once you turn the widget back on the test will continue to run as well.

What happens if I have multiple variations and I choose to delete one in the middle of the test?

In that case A/B test for other variations will continue without any changes, but the data associated to that variation will be deleted. Opt-ins from the deleted variation will however still be included in overall widget stats.

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