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How to Publish & Edit Pop-up Quizzes
How to Publish & Edit Pop-up Quizzes

Embedding & publishing your quiz in a pop-up, and how to edit the pop-up.

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Quizzes published in a pop-up will have a separate pop-up settings which can be found in the Pop-ups section of your Octane AI admin dashboard.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Publishing a quiz to a pop-up

Once a quiz has been saved in the editor, it can be published as an HTML embed, or in a pop-up with these steps:

  1. In the top right of the quiz editor, click Save & publish (this button will read Publish settings if you've already published your quiz before).

  2. Click the pop-up you want to create.

  3. Once the pop-up editor opens, save the pop-up.

πŸ’‘ Choosing your pop-up type

  • Welcome pop-ups are a great general choice for quiz pop-ups, like a virtual assistant welcoming customers to your store.

  • Exit intent pop-ups are more powerful for targeting customers who are about to leave your website, especially if the content & discount code target their purchasing hesitations.

After a quiz has been published to a pop-up, a separate pop-up editor will exist for each pop-up you publish to.

πŸ“• Pop-up behavior setup

There are a number of settings for your pop-up that are found in a separate editor from the quiz editor.

To view quiz and non-quiz pop-ups you've created, go to the Pop-ups page in your Octane AI admin dashboard.

Using the pop-up editor

  1. Settings: view pop-up behavior settings

  2. Design: access pop-up design (does not affect quiz design settings)

  3. Preview device

  4. Pop-up name & quiz: quick change the quiz that's published in this pop-up

  5. Pop-up behavior: pop-up timing, page placement & more

  6. Quiz editor

Clicking on the Targeting button will open advanced behavior options.

πŸ’‘ Using targeting settings

The targeting settings let you:

  • Pick the pages the pop-up appears on

  • Set a timer for the pop-up to appear (welcome pop-ups)

  • Set when the pop-up stops appearing for a customer

    • Pop-up appears just once, when interacted with or forever

  • Create rules from customer behavior (Octane Plus)

Here are some tips for taking maximum advantage of these settings.

  • Use page placement to create desktop and mobile specific pop-ups. Targeting settings only apply to the specific pop-up you're editing, so you can create a pop-up for desktop & a pop-up for mobile making sure you're optimally targeting all audiences.

  • Personalize pop-up content for the pages you're targeting. For example, you may want to ask about purchasing preferences in a pop-up that appears on a collections page, but a pop-up appearing on the order status page may have a post-purchase survey instead.

  • Exclude hash changes in URL on mobile devices. This is a troubleshooting option you should only try if you see abnormal pop-up behavior on mobile devices.

Designing a pop-up

Pop-ups have optional design settings that are completely separate from quiz pop-ups.

Use these settings to give your pop-up a unique, on-brand vibe without affecting the design of your quiz itself.

πŸ“• Layout settings

Layout settings let you:

  • Add a side image (separate from quiz side images)

  • Set the pop-ups rounded corner radius

πŸ“• Background settings

Pop-ups can have their own background color separate from quizzes. Use this setting if you'd like to change the background color independent of your quiz.

Colors set inside the pop-up editor will only apply to the pop-up you're editing.

πŸ“• Edit quiz shortcut

Quizzes can't be edited directly inside of pop-ups, but this shortcut will let you quickly make changes to the quiz that's published inside of the pop-up you're editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I test my quiz pop-up?

Quiz pop-ups can only be tested by being set live on your website.

We recommend using placement settings to enable the pop-up on a page with low traffic in order to try out the customer experience.

  • How do I turn on/off my quiz pop-up?

Pop-ups created for quiz publishing can be accessed and edited on the Pop-ups page of your Octane AI admin dashboard.

Click the switch next to your pop-up to turn it on or off (green means it's on).

  • Where can I see my quiz pop-up analytics?

Only non-quiz pop-ups will show stats on the Pop-ups page. In order to view the stats of your quiz pop-up, you'll need to check the quiz page.

Any engagement, opt-ins, revenue, etc. will be shown in the quiz's analytics page.

Access your quiz's analytics page by clicking on your quiz name.

In addition to engagement and conversion stats, you'll also be able to see:

  • Exports of opt-ins and answers

  • Result page performance

  • Responses & drop-off rates per question

  • & more

  • Why should I publish my quiz as a pop-up?

Pop-up quizzes work great if:

The quiz is less than 5 steps long. Pop-ups are fantastic for short quizzes, but if you’re working with a longer quiz, you should consider publishing as a Shopify page instead so they have a dedicated space for the more in-depth quiz experience.

You want to get up and running quickly. Publishing a quiz as a pop-up is faster and easier than publishing as a Shopify page.

You want to take advantage of other pop-up features like pop-up targeting. With pop-up targeting, you can trigger pop-ups on specific pages and for specific types of users (e.g., new or returning customers).

It's not just product quizzes that can work great as pop-ups. Here are some pop-up quiz ideas for inspiration:

What is this kind of pop-up for?

Conversational pop-up

A single question quiz that gets quick data, an opt-in and recommends products at the end.

  • Use 1 question, 1 opt-in and show products at the end.

  • Mention the discount you're offering as an incentive.

  • Add the discount as a text code on the result page.

Gift guide

Start by asking who the customer is shopping for, gathering data and tailoring content at the end based on answers.

  • Great for holidays

  • Personalize a different version for each holiday, and have it ready when the holiday rolls around.

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