As a Shopify integration, the currency that your Octane AI bot uses to display revenue and other analytics is determined by the currency of your Shopify store.

This means Octane AI's currency settings are separate from the Facebook page connected to the bot, and are changed in the Shopify admin instead.

Can I set different currency settings for my bot and my store?

Since the currency is determined by your Shopify store's settings, your bot is unable to have a separate currency from your store.

How do I change the currency in my Shopify store?

Since changing Shopify currency settings will affect your live store, we only recommend doing this if you want to change the currency used on your website.

Changing the currency itself is simple:

1. To start, go to your store's Settings from the Shopify admin.

2. From the settings page, select General settings.

3. At the bottom of the general settings page, you'll see the option to change currency.

If you've already made a sale through your store, you'll have to contact Shopify support in order to get the currency changed.

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