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How to Enable the Octane AI / Klaviyo Integration
How to Enable the Octane AI / Klaviyo Integration

Follow these quick steps to connect Octane AI & Klaviyo.

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The Klaviyo integration with Octane AI only takes a few minutes to enable.

Once connected, opt-ins & quiz data will be able to flow freely from Octane AI to Klaviyo.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

Permissions in Klaviyo to connect new integrations will be required.

How to connect Octane AI to Klaviyo

If you haven't installed Octane AI yet, it's super easy - just follow the instructions here or visit Octane AI's page in Shopify to get started.

πŸ“• Follow along with the video or the instructions below.

  1. In Octane AI, go to the Integrations page by clicking on Quizzes and then Integrations in the left menu.

  2. Next to Klaviyo, click the "Add" button (or "Customize" if you're already connected).

  3. At the top of the pop-up window, click on "Enable Oauth Authentication".

  4. (OPTIONAL) Select a list for all Octane AI contacts to sync to.

  5. Complete authentication for your Klaviyo account in the pop-up window that appears.

If you don't select a list in step 4, emails & SMS will still be sent to Klaviyo with quiz data but they won't be added to any particular list.

These customers will still be able to be segmented, added to flows and so on.

How Octane AI interacts with Klaviyo

Octane AI's integration with Klaviyo passes email & SMS opt-ins into Klaviyo, as well as quiz data in the form of answers as well as a link back to the results page that the customer viewed.

Octane AI won't take any data from Klaviyo, and won't directly control any flows or emails.

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