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How to Preview Your Quiz
How to Preview Your Quiz

Instructions on previewing your quiz in Octane AI as well as on your website.

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Quizzes in Octane AI can be previewed mainly through one of two methods:

  • Previewing in the Octane AI quiz editor

  • Previewing through a published quiz

Both methods are useful and this guide will explore each option.

What you'll learn

The preview methods for quizzes and details to know about each one.


You must have at least one saved quiz to preview it in Octane AI or on a published page.

Previewing in the editor

Any quiz you build in Octane AI's quiz editor can use the preview feature.

This will allow you to take the quiz you've built so far inside of Octane AI as a fullscreen quiz.

This can be used to test your quiz as you build it and is an important tool in avoiding unexpected issues with your quiz rules. Your quiz can't be previewed if it has unsaved changes, so if you're encountering any save errors they'll need to be resolved first.

What can the editor preview show?

While you can try out your entire quiz in a preview, there are a small number of limitations.

The in-app quiz preview is unable to show:

  • A quiz in page body or pop-up embeds

  • Analytics from interacting with the quiz

  • Custom fonts added in Typography settings

  • Adding items to your cart

The best way to preview your full onsite quiz experience is by embedding it to a page on your store first.

Previewing on a website

The best way to preview your quiz on your website is by embedding it into a webpage. This lets you test out the full customer journey your quiz is involved in, as well as experience settings such as custom font families or CSS edits.

If you'd like to preview your quiz in a pop-up, you'll need to set up a quiz pop-up on your website as well.

When adding a quiz to a Shopify webpage, you'll be able to make the page Visible or Hidden.

Important: Adding products to your cart from a quiz will only work if the page is set to Visible, but any changes you make in your quiz will be reflected in the embedded quiz as well so both options are generally a great way to preview your quiz outside of Octane AI.

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