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How to Preview Your Quiz
How to Preview Your Quiz

Instructions on previewing your quiz in Octane AI as well as on your website.

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Quizzes in Octane AI can be previewed mainly through one of two methods:

  • Previewing in the Octane AI quiz editor

  • Previewing through a published quiz

Both methods are useful and this guide will explore each option.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

How quizzes should be previewed

There are 2 methods of previewing quizzes in Octane AI:

  1. Previewing a quiz in the editor

  2. Previewing a quiz on your website

We recommend previewing a quiz on your website (instead of inside the editor) if you'd like to test the following:

  • Viewing quiz design with website fonts & CSS settings

  • Adding a product to your cart

  • Testing a quiz opt-in for Klaviyo & other integrations

  • Testing a pop-up quiz

Previewing in the editor

Any quiz you build in Octane AI's quiz editor can use the preview feature.

This will allow you to take the quiz you've built so far inside of Octane AI as a fullscreen quiz.

This can be used to test your quiz as you build it and is an important tool in avoiding unexpected issues with your quiz rules. Your quiz can't be previewed if it has unsaved changes, so if you're encountering any save errors they'll need to be resolved first.

πŸ“• What can the editor preview show?

The quiz editor preview is great for testing your quiz as you build it. However, the editor preview won't be able to:

  • Collect & sync opt-ins to integrations

  • Have a functioning add to cart

  • Display your website's fonts

Previewing on a website

To preview a quiz on your website, it will have to be published inside of a webpage first. This guide explains the best methods for publishing quizzes on a Shopify page.

When adding a quiz to a Shopify webpage, you'll be able to make the page Visible or Hidden. If the page is set to hidden, adding products to the cart won't work.

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