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How to Add a Discount to a Quiz
How to Add a Discount to a Quiz

How to add a discount code into an Octane AI quiz

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This guide will teach you the easiest and most common method of adding discount codes into quizzes.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

  • Octane Plus is required to add advanced logic to a quiz discount code

  • Discount codes must be created in Shopify

How to use discounts with a quiz

There are three main ways you can tie a discount code with a quiz:

  • Adding a discount code into a quiz as text

  • Providing a discount code in a follow-up email or SMS

Discount codes must be created in Shopify in order to be functional. Shopify's guide on discount codes is a great, quick rundown on what you can do with your codes.

Adding a discount into a quiz

The best method of adding a discount directly into a quiz is through one of two methods:

  • Adding a static discount code as text

  • Using the Shop integration

Discount codes you use in your quiz will need to be created in Shopify first. For details on Octane AI's Shop integration, check out this guide.

πŸ“• Adding a discount code into a results page as text

  1. Open the quiz editor for the quiz you'd like to add the discount for.

  2. On the left menu under RESULTS PAGES, click on the results page you'd like to show the discount in.

  3. Under CONTENT BLOCKS, click "Add content block".

  4. In the left menu, expand the TOP CONTENT section.

  5. Click on "Add content" β†’ "Text".

  6. Type in the discount code + any message you want to include.

πŸ“• Tying discount codes to an opt-in

  1. Inside of the content block that holds your discount code, find the ADVANCED LOGIC section in the left menu.

  2. Click on "Add rules".

  3. Click "Select rule" β†’ select your opt-in question.

  4. Complete the rule be selecting "Answered".

This rule will make your discount code content appear only if an opt-in was given. This makes it useful to create a content block just for the discount code, so that products aren't hidden if an opt-in was skipped.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I automatically apply discounts?

Currently, discount codes are not able to be automatically applied in quizzes. If a discount code is added into a quiz, customers will need to copy/paste the code when checking out.

  • How do I add dynamic discount codes into a quiz?

Octane AI currently doesn't support dynamic discount codes. However, you can add dynamic discount codes in an email or SMS flow in Klaviyo.

If you use the Shop integration, a static discount code will be required there as well.

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