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How to Add a Discount to a Quiz
How to Add a Discount to a Quiz

How to add a discount code into an Octane AI quiz

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This guide will teach you the easiest and most common method of adding discount codes into quizzes.

What you'll learn

How to use content in quizzes to show discount codes.


Currently, discount codes must be generated in Shopify. The method described in this guide is not compatible with dynamic discount codes.

How discounts work

Octane AI uses discount codes generated within Shopify. When using a non-quiz pop-up, discounts can be applied automatically but inside of a quiz or quiz pop-up, customers will need to copy and apply the discount code at checkout.

Shopify's guide on discount codes is a great, quick rundown on what you can do with your codes.

Adding a discount into a quiz

Discount codes can be added as content to any page in a quiz, but it's typically done on the result page.

If you're on Octane Plus, you can use advanced logic to add a requirement to the discount code you add like requiring an email opt-in for the code to be visible.

Step 1: Add a new content block into a result page

Choose the dynamic result page if you're creating a dynamic quiz, or any one of your result pages in a custom quiz to start.

Under CONTENT BLOCKS, select the option to add a new block.

Step 2: Open the TOP CONTENT menu in the sidebar and add new Text content

Add an internal name to make sure your quiz will be able to save.

By adding the discount code into its own block, Octane Plus users will be able to use advanced logic so that the discount code only becomes visible if an email opt-in is given.

Step 3: Type in a message for the discount code (but not the discount code itself)

Customers will be able to copy the code for use during checkout.

Repeat this for each result page if you have more than one.

Tying discount codes to an opt-in

Content blocks can be made dynamic based on answers chosen during a quiz if you're on the Octane Plus plan. This also includes opt-ins, and whether one was given or not.

After following the steps in the previous section, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Inside of the Discount Code content block, find the ADVANCED LOGIC menu

Step 2: Add a new rule, and target your email opt-in page with the rule.

Step 3: Complete the rule be selecting "Answered"

Adding this rule to a content block means the content inside that block will only show if the rule is met.

This is different from adding rules to the overall result page, which is for overall quiz logic.

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