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Using a Back Button in Quizzes
Using a Back Button in Quizzes

How to create and customize a back button in your quiz.

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Adding a back button to your Octane AI quiz is quick and easy. This guide will go over everything that you need to know for this setting.

💡 What you'll learn

  • How to enable & customize back buttons

Enabling the back button

  1. Open a quiz in the quiz editor.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Click on Back button.

  4. Click on "Enable back button".

Button style and size can be selected from a few preset options. More in-depth settings for button design can be found in the Design tab of the editor.

Customizing the back button

  • Design > Typography (for font colors and style)


  • Design > Colors & styles (for button colors and style)

If you're on Octane Plus, you can use custom CSS to further customize button design.

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