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Adding a Continue or Skip Button to Questions
Adding a Continue or Skip Button to Questions

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Check out this guide to learn how to add and edit continue buttons in quizzes.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Enabling the continue button

Each question has a BUTTON SETTINGS menu on the left that lets you add a continue button to the question.

Just toggle the "Show button" checkbox to turn the continue button on or off.

Multiple select questions will always have a continue button but answer selection can be made optional.

Continue button settings

Continue buttons can be re-labeled and styled under the button settings section.

πŸ“• Designing the continue button

Button styles are chosen from various button presets:

  • Primary button

  • Secondary button

  • Primary link

  • Secondary link

These presets can be customized in the Design section of the quiz editor under Colors & styles.

πŸ“• Enabling a question skip option

When a button is enabled in a question, the option to "Allow to continue without selected answers" will be available.

This will let quiz takers continue without choosing any answers, skipping the question.

This option can be enabled for single and multiple select questions.

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