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How Octane AI Revenue & Quiz Analytics are Tracked
How Octane AI Revenue & Quiz Analytics are Tracked

Track customers in Klaviyo & send browse or cart abandonment email flows when someone opts in through Octane AI.

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Octane AI uses a browser cookie to capture customer quiz answers before they've submitted an opt-in. If they submit an opt-in through an Octane AI feature later, this allows quiz data to sync through.

💡 What you'll learn

How Octane AI remembers customers and what you'll need to know about Octane AI's cookie.

You'll also learn how revenue is tracked.

Revenue attribution in Octane AI

Octane AI has a 7 day attribution window, and counts an order if it was placed within that window after interacting with an Octane AI feature.


When can a customer be attributed?


If an order is placed in the attribution window after landing on a result page.

Attribution isn't limited to quiz products and can still happen even if the customer didn't add products directly from the quiz.


If an order is placed in the attribution window after landing on the submitted state.

This includes opt-ins but also if your pop-up has a custom CTA instead.

🍪 Octane AI's cookie & how it tracks revenue

Octane AI remembers customers through browser cookies. This means revenue may not attribute if an order was placed on a different cookie than the one that was used to interact with Octane AI.

For example, this can happen if a customer:

  • orders on a different browser / device.

  • uses incognito or private mode.

  • has erased their original cookie.

Tracking revenue in other platforms

Octane AI's revenue attribution model is optimized specifically to track customers that interact with Octane AI features that are live.

The difference in attribution models between different apps and platforms can make it difficult to know what place your Octane analytics have with other data sources, like ads or Shopify.

Tag customers in Shopify when they complete a quiz

When a Shopify customer completes an Octane AI quiz, a tag will be added in Shopify for the customer.

If it's a first time customer, Octane AI's cookie will be able to add the tag after they place an order.

This will help you identify customers in Shopify who have taken an Octane AI quiz.

Add Google Analytics events for customer quiz engagement

Octane Plus users can add Google Analytics events to track:

  • Quiz views

  • Quiz starts / completions

  • Quiz answers / results

All you need is a GA tracking ID to connect the integration in Octane AI.

You can use this guide to get started if you aren't sure where to find your GA tracking code.

How Octane AI's cookie tracks quiz data

Much like revenue attribution, Octane AI uses a cookie to track the answers & results submitted by customers in your quiz.

This means customers can take quizzes before submitting their opt-in information, and we'll still be able to send their quiz data like products or result page URL through our integrations.

Once an opt-in is submitted through a quiz or pop-up, the quiz data in that cookie will become attached to that email.

💡 Testing Octane AI Features with Octane AI's Cookie

When testing Octane AI features for the first time, don't forget that the browser cookie you're using will remember past quiz engagement regardless of the email you submit in your opt-ins.

This means quiz data submitted between multiple emails or phone numbers can end up being combined into a single profile which can muddle test data.

While testing Octane AI's integrations, we recommend creating a new cookie whenever you try a new email as well by:

  • Starting a new incognito / private mode session.

  • Opening the quiz in a different browser / device.

  • Manually clearing browser cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I see which products were ordered from my quiz?

You can visit your quiz's analytics page by clicking on your quiz name from the quiz page in Octane AI.

Products that were ordered directly from a quiz will be displayed in your result page analytics. Products that are not included in your quizzes won't be shown here.

Why are my quiz syncs pulling in the wrong custom properties?

Once you've verified that your custom properties are up-to-date in your quiz by going to Settings > Custom properties, another factor that can cause incorrect data to sync are cookies.

Cookies can remember quiz answers & results independent of an opt-in, which means if you submit different emails and phone numbers on the same cookie a customer profile may take on quiz data that was submitted through another email or phone number.

This happens disproportionately during testing! The most common scenario this might happen to real customers is for customers that shop on a single device with multiple customers which is luckily an edge case.

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