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Getting Started with Insights Analyst
Getting Started with Insights Analyst

Use artificial intelligence to maximize the insights that customer feedback can provide for your brand.

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Insights Analyst is a conversational tool powered by artificial intelligence that can take reviews that customers leave for your brand and answer questions based on the content of those reviews.

This lets you create a one-of-a-kind natural language model that can be used for targeted insights into what your customers are saying, brainstorming new ideas and more.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

You can view the list of supported review platforms here. A CSV export will be required from each review platform you'd like to import from.

If your review platform isn't available for selection, let us know at [email protected]!

Using Insights Analyst for the first time

Before using Insights Analyst, you'll need to add the dataset that the AI will be trained on. This begins with uploading reviews from one of the supported platforms.

πŸ“• Uploading your reviews

  1. Begin on the Insights Analyst page in the Octane AI dashboard.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Select the review platform you'll be uploading a CSV file from.

  4. Upload the export CSV file from your computer.

  5. Once the upload is complete, click Continue on the confirmation screen.

After your reviews have been uploaded, they'll be organized by the product that the reviews are for.

Asking questions in Insights Analyst

The first time you ask questions about a product, Insights Analyst will take a bit of time to read the reviews and learn about the product.

After Insights Analyst has been trained on the reviews that have been uploaded for the product, it will be able to analyze and answer questions you have about the product.

πŸ“• Ask any kind of question in natural language

One of the main challenges with extracting insights from AI can be controlling the dataset that the AI is answering your questions in.

Insights Analyst provides a unique opportunity because it's specifically trained to answer questions about your products using your reviews. Similar to an employee, your account's AI will be capable of passing understandings it has learned about your products and help with marketing strategy, content and even creating quizzes.

πŸ’‘ Here are some examples of questions that Insights Analyst can be effective at answering

  • Can you write a blog post about this product that includes mentions of real uses by customers?

  • Can you summarize what customers are saying in reviews separated by star rating?

  • Can you write a tweet about this product that mentions the most common reason customers use it?

Don't shy away from complex or creative questions - Insights Analyst will try and meet your requirements.

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