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I'm having trouble changing my quiz background color
I'm having trouble changing my quiz background color
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Quiz backgrounds can be changed on two levels:

  • General design settings

  • Individual page design settings

A common reason for encountering issues changing the background color of a page can be due to background settings being set on different levels.

💡 What you'll learn

  • Where to find background color/image settings.

  • What to expect when editing page-level background design.

Locating background design settings

You can find background design settings in two places:

  1. The Design tab in your quiz editor.

  2. The Design menu on the left when editing a specific page.

1. Locating general background design settings

The design tab has a large amount of settings that customize the look of your quiz.

Change your background color in Colors & styles or add a background image under Background image settings.

2. Locating page-specific background design settings

Settings added here will overwrite any identical settings from the general Design tab.

The background color/image isn't changing on all pages

The most common cause for background settings not applying on some pages but is applying on others is because there's a conflict between individual background settings and general background settings.

To fix this, you can remove individual page background settings.

To remove a background image, press the delete (🗑️) icon above the image.

To remove a background color, highlight the color code in the "Background color" field and delete it.

If you're still facing any issues changing background design, reach out to our support team.

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