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Troubleshooting Quiz Save Errors
Troubleshooting Quiz Save Errors

What you can do if you're not able to save your quiz.

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When attempting to save your quiz changes, the editor may occasionally prevent saving.

When this happens, a message will display underneath the save button listing the reason why the quiz is unable to save. If you click on the save button once again, the editor will redirect you to the page that contains the issue.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Reasons you may encounter save errors

When saving a quiz, these are some of the main reasons your quiz may give you an error instead:

  • A required label (such as question title or answer label) is missing.

  • Images have not been uploaded to a picture choice question.

  • A rule was created, but was not fully defined.

When saving is unavailable, clicking on the save button will jump the quiz editor to the page that the cause of the error is present on.

Autosave is available in quizzes but won't be able to save your quiz if there's an active save error.

Unable to save due to missing content

Certain parts of your quiz will require text in order for the editor to save the quiz. Clicking on the save error notification will redirect you to the page the label is on, but we'll take a closer look at each one to clarify where you'll have to look.

πŸ“• Internal names

Certain elements in your quiz are able to have internal names, which are labels for these parts of your quiz that are only visible in the editor. Customers won't see these labels, so internal names are a useful way to keep your results pages as well as product blocks organized and to easily keep track of your quiz logic.

πŸ“• A results page is missing a name

If you receive this error, one or more of your results pages needs an internal name. You can find this field above the title and subtitle fields when editing a results page.

πŸ“• A product block is missing a name

All product blocks will require a name in order for the quiz to successfully save as well.


Questions require a title in order to be added to your quiz. This includes multiple choice, picture choice and opt-in pages. If a title is missing from your quiz, you'll receive the following error:

πŸ“• A question is missing a title

Text entered in the title field will always use your title text settings, which you can adjust in your quiz's global settings.

If you don't want to use title text on your question page, you can simply add a space in the title field which will remove it from the page.

πŸ“• A multiple choice option is missing text

Once you add a multiple or picture choice question, the answers inside that question will have to be labeled too.

If answers are missing text labels, then the quiz will not be able to save.

πŸ“• A picture choice option is missing an image

If you're creating a picture choice question, you'll have to make sure images are included for each answer in addition to the answer labels in order to save your quiz.


Add to cart buttons in your quiz can be customized with several settings, including the text in your buttons.

Your add to cart button will include the text "ADD TO CART" by default, and your add all to cart button will include "ADD ALL TO CART".

If you remove this text, but leave the field blank, the following error will occur:

πŸ“• Product block's button is missing text

To fix this error, you'll just have to make sure your add to cart buttons aren't left without text.

Incomplete rules

When a results page is added to your quiz, at least one rule is required in order to save the results page. The only exception to this is your default results page which doesn't require a rule in order to save your quiz.

If a results page doesn't have a rule, or you've added a rule/condition block without completing the rule, you'll receive an error from the editor when attempting to save your quiz.

Here's an example of a condition block that has been added to a quiz, but hasn't actually built out its rule yet:

πŸ“• A results page's rule is incomplete

This error means your results page either is missing rules, or you need to finish building a rule that you started for your results pages.

These rules can be found by opening a results page in the editor, at the bottom of the left-side menu.

πŸ“• A next step's rule is incomplete

This error means one or more of your rules in your questions pages isn't complete. These rules can be added in a section to decide which question a customer will see next depending on the answer they choose.

πŸ“• A multiple choice option's rule is incomplete

If you added a rule inside of a specific answer but didn't complete it, this error will display.

Rules in answers will only allow the answer to show up during a quiz session if the customer has selected the answer(s) in your rule.

πŸ“• A product block's rule is incomplete

Like answers rules, product block rules will show the product block only if the answer(s) in the rule was picked by the customer during their quiz session.

If this rule isn't completed, this error will display when saving.

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