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How Saving Quizzes Works in Octane AI
How Saving Quizzes Works in Octane AI

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This guide will explain everything you need to know about saving quizzes.

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What to know about saving quizzes

While working on a quiz in Octane AI's quiz editor, make sure you save your changes often to avoid losing any progress.

πŸ“• Here are some important things to know about saving quizzes.

  • Saved changes will be reflected in the published quiz immediately.

Since saved changes are shown in the published version immediately, autosave is left off by default. Turn this on while editing a published quiz only if you're certain of the changes you're planning on making.

  • Quizzes can't be saved if certain content is not finished.

Some examples include adding a picture choice question, but not adding images into the answers, or creating an advanced logic rule but not completing the rule's conditions.

The save button will be highlighted as red when this is the case - clicking on the save button will redirect you to the page that's preventing you from saving.

  • Make sure not to have your quiz open in multiple tabs & windows when saving changes.

Changes can be overwritten, causing you to lose progress when working in the editor through multiple tabs & windows.

How autosave works

Autosave enables automatically after the 1st time you save a quiz, making sure that you don't lose progress on a new quiz you're working on.

Autosave will save every 5 minutes.

Once you close and re-open your quiz in the editor, autosave will be off by default. This is to make sure any changes you make aren't accidentally pushed to a published quiz without your approval.

What to do if you can't save

Sometimes, the save button is highlighted in red and an error message will display when hovering over the save button.

If the save button is pressed, the quiz editor will redirect to the page that's causing the error.

For details on troubleshooting common errors, check out this guide.

You can also reach out to our support team through the chat or by emailing [email protected].

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