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A/B Testing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
A/B Testing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Can I A/B test pop-up quizzes?

Currently, A/B testing can only be done for quizzes embedded inside of a webpage. Quizzes that are published through a pop-up are not able to be A/B tested.

Can I A/B test different embed types?

When publishing an A/B test, either a page body or fullscreen embed must be selected for all quizzes inside of the test. Different embed types cannot be tested at the same time.

How does A/B testing affect the Klaviyo integration?

A/B testing will not have any direct impact on your Klaviyo integration. However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when A/B testing quizzes on the Klaviyo side.

For an overview of how custom properties work, check out this guide.

πŸ“• Customers will sync with custom properties from the quiz that they took.

If your quizzes have differently labeled custom properties, and you'd like all opt-ins from an A/B test to enter the same flow, you'll need to make sure the data is labeled the same in the Connect section of the quiz editor for all quizzes.

πŸ“• Custom properties will replace values for any custom properties that share the same name.

If your A/B tested quizzes have custom properties that share the same label, the most recent value will replace any previous value when synced to Klaviyo multiple times.

This can be useful if you want to keep your data simple and funnel customers into the same flows.

If you'd like custom properties to differentiate between the quizzes that a customer took, we recommend changing the labels to be unique per quiz.

Can I add a quiz to multiple A/B tests?

Quizzes can only be in one A/B test at a time. To add a quiz that's included in an A/B test to another one, you'll need to delete the original test first.

This includes A/B tests that have been ended - they'll still need to be deleted if you'd like to add any included quizzes in another A/B test.

Are the top 5 products ordered from quizzes?

The top 5 products ordered are products that have been added directly from a result page, then tracked to checkout within 7 days of the customer finishing a quiz.

How do I compare result page engagement stats?

Engagement stats currently display stats for question pages only.

What happens when I choose a winner?

When a winner is chosen, your embedded A/B test will display the winning quiz only. No further changes will need to be made, but you won't be able to edit the A/B test any longer.

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