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Redirecting to a Custom URL for Quiz Results using a Button
Redirecting to a Custom URL for Quiz Results using a Button

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Buttons can be added to the end of a quiz linking to any URL, including product or landing pages you would like customers to go to.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn about

How to add a button to results pages

Buttons can be added as additional content inside of any content block. This is done using the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT menus in a content block.

πŸ“• Adding a button inside of a content block.

  1. In the quiz editor, open the results page you want to add the button to.

  2. In the left menu under CONTENT BLOCKS, add a new content block.

  3. In the left menu, expand the TOP CONTENT or BOTTOM CONTENT section.

  4. Click "Add content" and select Button.

  5. Enter the URL of the page your quiz will be embedded in.

You can have the button redirect to any URL once the button has been added. This lets you use quiz results pages as a loading/splash screen for custom results.

πŸ’‘ Use a CUSTOM QUIZ to avoid recommending products in a quiz

Dynamic and AI quizzes will insert products into results pages, but custom quizzes can create results pages with no products at the end.

Instead of products, custom quizzes can be filled with non-product content only such as buttons redirecting to another page.

Making the button dynamic

You can make buttons dynamic in one of 2 ways:

  1. Create different results pages with a different button in each result.

  2. Create different content blocks & use advanced logic to add conditional rules (Octane Plus required).

Method #1 is available for all plans and requires a custom type quiz to create.

Custom quizzes let you build multiple results pages, and build different content in each one. Each results page will be able to have its own button with its own link, letting you redirect customers to the right page at the end of a quiz.

Using advanced logic to make buttons dynamic

Advanced logic can also be used to turn a single results page's content dynamic. Advanced logic is added inside of each content block, letting you create multiple variations of a content block (each with a unique button) but only showing a single one at the end.

Redirecting to a custom URL automatically

Redirecting to a custom URL automatically requires using Octane AI's developer tools (available on Octane Plus).

This will involve adding custom code on your website that detects when someone has finished a quiz, and redirecting them to the right page based on their results.

This is an advanced method that requires developer knowledge to use - you can find more details here.

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