The welcome pop-up is an effective Opt-In Tool that lets you offer a discount to customers who subscribe to your bot through a pop-up that appears when they visit your website.

Setting up the welcome pop-up

To start editing your welcome pop-up, first navigate to the welcome pop-up webpage. 

You can do that in the menu on the left, or by clicking on the widget on the opt-in page. From there, scroll down and click on the Edit button. 

Customizing the welcome pop-up 

Welcome to the edit page. Here, you can build your pop-up with a look and a style that matches your website's branding. 

The edit page is split into three sections:

  1. Discount Message: This is the message that will display in Messenger if the customer chooses to receive the code in Messenger.
  2. Design: Here's where you'll be able to work on the visual components of your pop-up.
  3. Placement: Decide what devices, and which pages the pop-up will appear on! 

Discount Message

Note: you'll have to create the discount code in Shopify for it to work.

The discount message is a message that your bot will send to the customer if they choose to have the discount code sent to Messenger upon subscribing.

You can have the discount message link to specific pages on your website, add content like video and images, or just have it offer the code.  


Once you've set your discount message, you'll be able to really make the pop-up your own in the Design section. 

Tip: tick this checkbox to make sure the font in your pop-up matches your website:

In the pop-up Preview, you'll be able to see changes to the pop-up in real time. More importantly, you can edit the text simply by clicking on the ✎ icon and typing in the message you would like instead!

Underneath the preview, you'll be able to customize the image in your pop-up, the opt-in button and your pop-up's colors. Pick any RGB color you like, or select specific colors that match your branding!


Finally, you'll get to choose which devices and webpages the welcome pop-up will show up on.  

Here are some examples of how detailed you can get with Placement:

  • The amount of seconds before the pop-up appears.
  • Setting the pop-up to only appear on pages with certain key words. 
  • Deciding which exact pages the pop-up will be on.  

Once everything is set up and ready to go live, save your changes and turn on the pop-up here:

When should I use the welcome pop-up? 

It's a super effective way to get your customers to opt into marketing through your store. This feature is especially important if you're not using the add to cart checkbox. Learn more here.

What if I'm already using another pop-up provider like Justuno or Privy?

We do have integrations for Justuno and Privy pop-ups. You can definitely use your existing pop-ups built with those platforms and extend them instead.

Can I test different variations of the welcome pop-up?

Absolutely! We offer A/B testing for most of our opt-in tools. This lets you test different variations of opt-in tool settings to estimate the best methods for each tool. 

Note: A/B testing is only available for Pro and Enterprise users. Check out how to upgrade here. 

Why does my welcome pop-up page look different? 

If you had a welcome pop-up active before our update, you'll have to manually switch your pop-up to the new interface.

In the Design section, you'll see a checkbox called "Use legacy layout".

Once that's unchecked, you'll have access to all of the new welcome pop-up features!

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