The add to cart pop-up helps you opt-in more subscribers through your store.

How does it work?
If a person who is not opted-in to Messenger on your store clicks the add to cart button, the pop-up will be displayed. If they click on the button in the pop-up they are opted in to your store and get a customizable message on Messenger.

After they opt-in, the item is added to their cart and they can continue the purchase.

If they close the pop-up, the item is also added to their cart and they can continue the purchase.

Once someone opts-in from this pop-up or closes it, they will not see it again in the same browser.

How can I turn on this feature?

Simply go to Home, scroll down to Opt-in tools and turn the add to cart pop-up ON. You can also turn it on from Opt-in tools in the left side menu.

Can I customize how the pop-up looks?

Click on the add to cart pop-up from your dashboard home, an editor will open and there you will be able to change pop-up text and image as well as the Call to action button, size and colors:

*Note that in certain cases where you have done custom development around your add to cart button, you may wish to target a custom CSS selector for your button instead of using our defaults. Our default one is form[action*='/cart/add'] [type='submit']This field should only be used if you have development knowledge. You can learn more about it in this document.

How can I customize the message the customer receives in Messenger?

You can customize the message that will be displayed to users once they click the button and decide to opt-in for your bot. That message can be changed in the second step of the add to cart pop-up editor. 

We recommend you create a convo and add it to this step. A convo allows the most flexibility for a great custom message.

Why did I get this pop-up if I was already opted-in to the bot?

There's a few reasons you might have gotten it even though you are already opted-in:

  • You opted-in before this feature was deployed on March 7, 2019.
  • You opted in on a different browser or device.
  • You deleted your cookies that allow us to know you have opted-in.
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