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Adding Octane AI's script manually to your store's theme
Adding Octane AI's script manually to your store's theme

Manual script injection and load without jQuery.

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When installed, Octane AI adds a script to your store to help power features like opt-ins, revenue tracking and more. Enterprise users have access to a setting that can allow manual injection of the script instead.

This is useful for merchants working with their own development team, and would like more precise control over how and when the Octane AI script loads.

If you use this option, we no longer automatically add our script and we give you the script for your store to add manually.

What if I have more than one store?

Some merchants may be interested in enabling this for more than one store. 

For example, users that have a development version of their live store can enable this setting for both bot accounts. 

Let your account manager know if you're interested in enabling manual scripts for multiple accounts.

How do I find this setting?

Enterprise users interested in the manual script option can contact their account manager to find out more. 

Once an account that has been approved for manual script injection, these will be the next steps: 

  1. Octane AI's automatic script will be disabled.

  2. Code for a manual script will be sent over to the merchant's development team.

  3. The script can now be added/removed manually.

Does this let me add the script without jQuery?

jQuery is included in the script by default, but a version can be generated that doesn't include jQuery.

Only stores that already load jQuery are able to use this option. 

Does this work on non-Shopify stores?

The manual script setting is only available for Shopify integrations.

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