Adding Pages to Your Quiz

How to add pages to your quiz, and when to use each one.

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Pages can be added to quizzes in order to ask questions, collect opt-ins and display content. This guide will be a quick overview of what each page can do.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

Adding & removing pages in quizzes

To add a page to your quiz, click Add page from the main screen of the quiz editor.

To remove a page, click Remove section in the left menu after opening the page that you'd like removed.

If a page is connected to any result page rules or advanced logic, then the connected rule must first change or be deleted before the page can be removed.

πŸ“• Verifying a quiz's integration data

To view the data portion of questions & answers in a quiz, go to the Connect tab in the editor.

Template questions & copied question will retain their original properties even if you change the question content.

Check the Connect section of the editor before testing a quiz!

🎬 VIDEO: Using Quiz Data with Integrations

Learn how to locate the data portion of your quizzes in Octane AI.

Collecting opt-ins

Email and SMS opt-ins have separate pages in Octane AI's quiz editor. In order for Octane AI and its integrations to recognize a collected opt-in, it must be done through one of the two opt-in pages.

Once an opt-in is collected in a quiz, it will automatically be synced with any connected integration such as Klaviyo or Zapier.

Emails & phone numbers are collected in separate pages.

Explainer screens

Explainer screens are a third type of page that can be added anywhere in a quiz prior to the results.

Explainer screens can be useful for:

  • Showing educational content

  • Creating loading screens

  • Adding a starting screen

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