Adding Pages to Your Quiz
How to add pages to your quiz, and when to use each one.
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Pages can be added to quizzes in order to ask questions, collect opt-ins and display content. This guide will be a quick overview of what each page can do.

What you'll learn

How to add & remove pages in your quiz, and important page types to keep in mind.

Adding & removing pages in quizzes

To add a page to your quiz, click Add page from the main screen of the quiz editor.

To remove a page, click Remove section in the left menu after opening the page that you'd like removed.

If a page is connected to any result page rules or advanced logic, then the connected rule must first change or be deleted before the page can be removed.

Check the Connect tab before testing

Copied pages will retain the custom properties of their original questions, even if you make changes to the copied question.

Make sure to check the Connect tab in the editor to sync up your quiz content with its backend data.

Collecting opt-ins

Email and SMS opt-ins have separate pages in Octane AI's quiz editor. In order for Octane AI and its integrations to recognize a collected opt-in, it must be done through one of the two opt-in pages.

Once an opt-in is collected in a quiz, it will automatically be synced with any connected integration such as Klaviyo or Zapier.

Explainer screens

Explainer screens are a third type of page that can be added anywhere in a quiz prior to the results.

Explainer screens can be useful for:

  • Showing educational content

  • Creating loading screens

  • Adding a starting screen

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