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Creating a quiz without product recommendations
Creating a quiz without product recommendations

How to make a quiz that doesn't recommend products in the quiz.

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While Octane AI's dynamic & AI quizzes are designed to recommend products from your store, custom quizzes can create experiences that don't involve products at all.

This article will give you an overview of the approach you'll need if this is the type of quiz you'd like to create.

πŸ’‘ What you'll learn

πŸ’‘ Prerequisites

  • Non-product quizzes must be made in custom quizzes.

  • To use advanced logic, you'll need to be on Octane Plus.

Using custom quizzes for non-product quizzes

Octane AI's custom quizzes work by having you create landing pages for each result, then selecting the answers that will be needed to see each landing page.

Results pages in Octane AI begin with a "Product" block by default, but products are not necessary. You can add non-product content to a results page to remove the placeholder product.

Leaving the products section blank, and using a content block for content only is a great way to put the pieces of your results landing pages together.

In this example, we've created a results page that the quiz taker will only see if they selected the answer Oily.

Other results pages can be created with different answer requirements so that quiz takers will always have a landing page to finish on at the end of the quiz. In this way, you can manually curate each end path in a custom quiz.

Resources for non-product quizzes

This section will show you the main parts you'll need to consider when making a non-product quiz.

Building results pages

The articles here will let you know which parts of the editor you'll need to pay attention to in order to build your results landing pages and build quiz logic.

πŸ“• Overview of how custom quizzes work

πŸ“• Overview of how content blocks work

Using advanced logic for quiz paths & conditional content

Advanced logic is a robust tool for creating more powerful quizzes. Advanced logic (available on Octane Plus) will allow you to add rules that changes the normal behavior of parts of the quiz.

This includes adding a rule to a question to create a branching pathway, adding a rule into an answer so it only shows up if prerequisite answers have been chosen and most importantly, making content in your results dynamic based on quiz answers.

πŸ“• Overview of advanced logic (for branching quiz paths & conditional content)

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