Octane AI includes an integration with Klaviyo. Once your Klaviyo account is connected to your Octane AI account, results and data gathered from your quizzes will automatically sync into Klaviyo.

This article will explain how to get started with the Klaviyo integration, and how it works with the quiz tool. Here's an article that also explains how Klaviyo works with Octane AI as a whole.

Table of Contents

1. Connecting your Klaviyo account

2. What gets synced into Klaviyo?

3. Using custom properties and values

- Segmenting your Klaviyo audience with quiz data

4. Which customers can the quiz sync with Klaviyo?

Connecting your Klaviyo account

To sync your Klaviyo account with your Octane AI one, navigate to Integrations in your dashboard's left-nav menu.

1. From there, find Klaviyo on the list of apps and click "Add".

2. You'll be asked to enter a private API key from Klaviyo and select a list to sync to. If you don't select a list, user profiles will be created but won't be added to any of your lists.

To find or create a private API key, go to Settings ➡️ API Keys in your Klaviyo dashboard. You can learn more about Klaviyo API keys here.

If the integration was successful, Klaviyo will be marked as "enabled" on the Apps page.

What gets synced into Klaviyo?

Once the Klaviyo integration is enabled, user profiles will automatically be synced in Klaviyo as long as the customer gives you their email.

Currently, the integration will sync the following information from quizzes:

  • Email

  • Quiz opt-ins (marked $source Octane AI quiz)

Custom properties

  • Questions / answers

  • Result page the user landed on

In the example below, everything highlighted in blue can be synced from the quiz as long as the customer gives you their email.

If they're also a Messenger subscriber, you'll get additional information like any lists they're part of.

Using custom properties and values

Custom properties use the property to represent the question while values are used to indicate specific answers or results pages.

When editing an answer or a results page, you'll have access to the Action menu which allows you to name the custom property and value associated with a specific answer or result.

Once synced with Klaviyo, the customer's quiz results will be shown in their profile:

If no changes are made to custom properties or values, data will be synced in formatting similar to the example above.

3.1. Segmenting your Klaviyo audience with quiz data

Since every customer that gets synced into Klaviyo from the quiz has given you their email, this means it's super easy to take advantage of the data that gets synced.

With custom properties, you can reference them inside of an email, or you can segment your audience and target customers based on answers in the quiz.

Segments are like subscriber lists, targeted by a list of properties (rather than being manually built) and is an easy way to send targeted emails from Klaviyo.

1. To create a new segment, navigate to the Lists & Segments page in Klaviyo, and click on "Create List/Segment".

2. Then, select Segment when prompted whether you'd like to create a list or segment.

3. Select "Properties about someone" as a condition for the segment.

4. Select the dimensions drop-down menu, and scroll down until you see custom properties and select the question or result you'd like to target.

5. Add as many properties as you'd like this segment to include.

Use the OR condition to include customers that has any of the custom properties you've defined, or use AND to require customers to have all of the custom properties you've added in order to be included in the segment.

Once you add in a name, you'll be able to create the segment and target it in your Klaviyo campaigns!

Here's a link to Klaviyo's guide on segments.

To learn more about how custom properties work in Klaviyo, check out this article.

Which customers can the quiz sync with Klaviyo?

Customers will sync into Klaviyo as long as they give you their email and the Klaviyo integration is active on your bot.

Quiz results are able to sync using a user's cookie ID - this means if someone takes the quiz but doesn't give you their email, then submits their email to your bot later, then their previous quiz results will still be able to sync.

Return to instructions on how to connect Klaviyo to your bot.

To learn about how Klaviyo works with Octane AI as a whole, check out this article.

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