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Getting Started with Attentive
Getting Started with Attentive

A guide to setting up Octane AI's Attentive integration

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Attentive enables brands to create meaningful SMS interactions with personalized messaging, and Octane AI's integration can help take that personalization a step further with quizzes.

Octane AI's integration will allow you to segment customers based on quiz data, add a result page link to messages and more.

💡 What you'll learn

💡 Prerequisites

You'll need to have an Octane AI account as well as an Attentive account.

You'll also need to have an Attentive API source ID created for Octane AI. Only Attentive CSMs can create this for you - check out this article to learn how.

How to setup the Attentive integration

💡 Before connecting Attentive, you'll need a custom API source ID

Since Octane AI's integration in Attentive is in beta, a specialized source ID will be required. Contact your Attentive CSM to get one created for Octane AI.

📕 Connecting the Attentive integration

  1. In Octane AI, go to the Integrations page.

  2. Next to Attentive, click "Connect", click “Ok” in the opening dialog.

  3. Get redirected to Attentive. Click “Authorize”. You will be redirected back to Octane. Click ok (or just close) the informative dialog.

  4. Back on Octane integrations page, click on “Actions” -> “Setup”. Enter your Attentive’s Sign-up Source ID.

  5. Click Save.

Growing your marketing list

When customers take Octane AI quiz and fill their phone number into an opt-in question, it automatically gets sent to a customer profile in Attentive.

Subscribers added to Attentive through an Octane AI quiz will have custom attributes representing their replies and results in your quiz.

The following table lists the available custom attributes available for segmentation:

Octane list

Indicates any Octane AI lists the customer can be found in.

Octane source

The Octane AI source of the opt-in.

Octane: Quiz question

The name / answer of quiz question properties.

Octane: Quiz result

The name of quiz result properties.

These attributes will allow you to manipulate quiz data to create segments and custom events in Attentive.

Using custom attributes to create targeted segments

After the integration is connected, you can create a dynamic segment in Attentive using the custom attributes from Octane AI.

These segments can be filtered using:

  • A subscriber's activity: contains the "Quiz completed" event

  • A subscriber's characteristics: contains Octane properties

The main difference is you can target subscriber's activity to filter based on when, or how many times someone finished a quiz.

Subscriber's characteristics on the other hand represent the customer's actual attributes, like their quiz answers, results and any lists they belong to in Octane AI. The table below shows what kind of attributes a profile can have.

This in-depth guide includes step-by-step instructions along with more details on using Octane data in Attentive segmenting.

Using custom events in Journeys

After the integration is connected, you can create a custom journey in Attentive using the custom event from Octane AI. With this data, you can create journeys that suit your specific needs such as a text that sends to customer, who finished a quiz, with their quiz results URL.

The following table lists the available custom events for the journey:

Custom event


Octane: quiz completed: Company quiz

quiz_name, quiz_results_url

Use this guide to learn how to add a quiz name or quiz result URL to a Journey.

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