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Sending Email & SMS Opt-ins to Klaviyo
Sending Email & SMS Opt-ins to Klaviyo

Use Octane AI's integration to keep your email & SMS opt-ins synced with Klaviyo along with key zero-party data.

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Octane AI's Klaviyo integration works for email and SMS opt-ins. Use this article to learn how these opt-ins are stored, where they go in Klaviyo and a quick look at what you can do.


You'll need to have Octane AI's Klaviyo integration connected.

To send SMS opt-ins to Klaviyo, SMS will need to be enabled in Klaviyo and double opt-in enabled as well in the target list.

How does collecting opt-ins work with Klaviyo?

Any opt-in you collect in Octane AI will automatically be synced to Klaviyo as long as it's a valid email and/or phone number, and the integration is connected.

Profiles will appear in Klaviyo right away, but quiz data may take 1-3 minutes to populate.

Opt-in pages added to Octane AI quizzes should make sure the opt-in language allows for express, compliant consent.

Read this guide to learn more about making compliant opt-ins.

Where are the emails & phone numbers Octane AI collects stored?

Octane AI stores any opt-ins you collect in the Customers page in the Octane AI dashboard in one of two default lists:

  • People with email

  • SMS subscribers

Additional lists can be created manually, or automatically include customers based on opt-in source.

Where are opt-ins stored in Klaviyo?

All Klaviyo opt-ins will go to the list that has been selected in:

Integrations > Klaviyo > Actions > Customize

From there, customer profiles can be further segmented using quiz data.

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