With Octane AI's Klaviyo integration, the email and SMS opt-ins you gather in Octane AI will automatically sync into Klaviyo. Not only will emails and phone numbers be transferred, but important zero-party data like customer interactions with your quiz or any list segmentations the person is part of in Octane AI.

This guide will explain in-depth how this powerful part of Octane AI's Klaviyo integration works.

Table of Contents

1. Setting Up the Integration

1.1. Opt-ins from Shopify

2. Syncing Opt-ins to Klaviyo

2.1. How Does Consent Work?

2.2. Emails

2.3. SMS

1. Setting Up the Integration

We recommend connecting your Klaviyo account with Octane AI as soon as you can - this will ensure any data you collect through features like a product recommendation quiz or Conversational Pop-ups will successfully be synced into Klaviyo.

In order to connect Octane AI with Klaviyo, you'll just need your Klaviyo Private API Key and a working account for both platforms.

1.1. Opt-ins from Shopify

Shopify will send Octane AI the email of a customer whenever they proceed through a store's checkout with the marketing checkbox enabled.

If you have a mobile marketing checkbox added to your checkout as well, the opted in number will also be sent to Octane AI. Here's how you can enable SMS opt-ins in your Shopify's checkout screen.

Emails and phone numbers collected this way will sync to Klaviyo with no additional setup required after connecting your Klaviyo account.

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2. Syncing Opt-ins to Klaviyo

The emails and phone numbers you collect in Octane AI will be sent into Klaviyo automatically when:

  • you connect Octane AI with Klaviyo for the first time.

  • each time you receive an email or SMS opt-in.

This means when you have an email or SMS opt-in inside of features like a Conversational Pop-up or a quiz, a profile will be created inside of Klaviyo if one doesn't exist already.

In addition to the email or phone number, important data such as the specific answers and recommendations that someone received in an Octane AI quiz they took will also appear in their Klaviyo profile as a custom property.

Because this information exists in Klaviyo as custom properties, this means they're completely targetable by segments, flows and more.

How long does it take to sync information with Klaviyo from Octane AI?

Profiles will be visible in Klaviyo within minutes of collecting the opt-in.

Any custom properties and flows connected to those profiles may take up to 10-15 minutes however on the Klaviyo side of the integration.

2.1. How Does Consent Work?

When you collect an email or phone number in Klaviyo, there are two important factors to consider:

  1. Subscription status

  2. Consent status

Emails that are collected will use the Subscribed to List metric to indicate subscription status, while any phone numbers you collect will need to have consent status in order to be considered subscribed to your account.

Emails and phone numbers you collect also have consent status marked in Klaviyo.

If consent status is blank, this does not prevent you from sending marketing materials to your audience. You'll only be unable to contact someone if their consent status is marked by a red X instead.

2.2. Emails

Emails you collect in Klaviyo will include the Subscribed to List metric in Klaviyo. This means whichever Klaviyo list you have selected as the target integration sync list will be the subscribed list for the email that you collect.

Email opt-ins in Octane AI do not currently sync in Klaviyo with an update to consent status, but you can set consent status in Klaviyo by enabling double opt-in or by manually uploading consent.

2.3. SMS

Only phone numbers that are listed in your SMS subscribers list in Octane AI will count as SMS opt-ins. Your subscriber lists can be found through the Customers page in the Octane AI dashboard.

When you first integrate Klaviyo with Octane AI, all of the phone numbers you collected in Octane AI will be sent over into Klaviyo as long as the person has not unsubscribed.

Phone numbers from this initial sync will not count as SMS subscribers in Klaviyo. However, any phone numbers you collect in Octane AI after you've integrated Klaviyo will be sent to Klaviyo with SMS subscription status.

If you have any SMS opt-ins present in Octane AI before you integrate Klaviyo, you can transfer those subscribers to Klaviyo manually with a CSV export. If you're using this method, we recommend consulting with legal advice to make sure those opt-ins are compliant across platforms.

How does double opt-in work with the integration?

Octane AI doesn't have SMS send features, so double opt-in will depend on the settings in the target Klaviyo list you're syncing into.

We recommend enabling double opt-in for the highest quality SMS list growth and to ensure SMS compliance.

What happens if an invalid phone number is submitted?

Octane AI validates phone numbers that you collect and won't send invalid numbers to Klaviyo.

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